Tale of ALLTYNEX getting a Western release

Probably one of my favourite shooter series of all time, Alltynex is getting a Kickstarter campaign and Steam Greenlight entry! One of the most revered and respected Japanese shooting game series ever: The Tale of ALLTYNEX should be at the forefront of any self-respecting shmup fans mind.



The point of this post? To rally support for a genuine doujin classic of course!


Kicked off by Nyu Media today, the Kickstarter Campaign for Tale of Alltynex takes in all three games in the series from Doujin Circle Siter Skain –  KAMUI, RefleX and ALLTYNEX Second.


Kamui Screenshot


Alltynex is well known – nay, respected even – for it’s unique mechanics, focus on destructive fun and dramatic presentation – making it one of the most finely crafted shooters ever created, and that’s no exaggeration or idle boast.


This kickstarter campaign is designed to support the final stages of the localization work and to help promote the games on release.


Tale of Alltynex Reflex Screenshot


Reward tiers for contributors include the games, soundtracks, plushies, dakimakura, and even a trip to the Winter Comiket event in Tokyo – where you’ll get to hang out with Nyu Media and the cream of the Japanese indie dev scene! Stretch goals are also in place that will deliver limited runs of collectible physical editions of the games.



If you’re not feeling the need to jump on board with the KickStarter, then I urge you to visit steam and give it the nod on Steam Greenlight – for it won’t cost you a penny.


And is like, super easy to do.


So don’t be a douchebag, and just hit the voting form will you for goodnessake.


Too much?




If you want some more detail on this VERY worthy cause – check out the trailer below!



Lastly, anyone who wants to give me $10, 000 so I can get hang out with Nyu Media in Tokyo, please contact me via my facebook page.


And those all important support links of course!


Steam Greenlight here! 

Kickstarter here!


Don’t be shy now!



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