Tales of Arise x Atelier Sophie 2 collab DLC out now

New free crossover DLC for Tales of Arise and Atelier Sophie 2 is now available.

The crossover DLC brings a number of cosmetic items to both titles, with some being exclusive to certain characters in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise gets the “Atelier Sophie 2 Collaboration Pack”, adding in Sophie’s Flower Hair Clip as an attachment, the Hunting Rifle weapon skin for Shionne, and the Starguide Staff weapon skin for Dohalim.

Meanwhile, Atelier Sophie 2’s “Tales of Arise Collaboration Accessories” DLC pack includes the Owl King Doll, Alphen’s Iron Mask, and Shionne’s Hair Ornament accessories — these can all be used on any character.

If you’re after more crossover content for Tales of Arise, the game recently added items from another Bandai Namco title, Scarlet Nexus. Paid Sword Art Online DLC also released last year, letting you fight Kirito and Asuna to unlock new rewards.

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