Tales of Berseria Release Date Revealed for EU and NA

Tales of fans in the West won’t have to wait much longer for a Tales of Berseria release date as it’s now been revealed! Berseria, which has strong ties to Tales of Zestiria, as it’s been announced will release in Europe on the 27th January and 3 days earlier across the Americas.
Tales of Zestiria released to a lukewarm reception in the West and has a variety of issues that prevented it from being one of the best Tales games available, but Berseria’s reception in Japan has been largely favourable and has been deemed one of the strongest titles in the series to date. Berseria sees main character Velvet at odds with exorcist Artorius Collbrande who used to be very close, but an event three years prior to the start of the game saw both of them fall out.
tales of berseria release date

Fans have been waiting for a Tales of Berseria release date for a while and now it turns out that it’ll kick off 2017 with a bang, and I’m looking forward to it!

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