Tales of Berseria New Trailer and Character Designs

Earlier this week Bandai Namco released a short trailer for upcoming Tales of Berseria. Now we have a closer look at the over-the-top character design with newly released Famitsu screenshots.





You can watch the trailer below.



Characters Magilou and Bienfu have already been featured in the trailer briefly, but now we can get a closer look at their intricate design. Magilou looks like a court jester dressed in pink and green. She wears a skirt of books with locks for those of you that love reading.


If that is not enough for you Bienfu looks even wackier. He has a hat that is covering most of his face, designed like a present along with a red ribbon. And don’t get me started about those devil wings and pointed tail.


And that’s not all! There are some new screenshots showing off the new characters.




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