Tales of Compilation PS3 £14.99 – Tales of Symphonia + Tales of Graces f

If there’s one JRPG series we really love it’s the Tales Of games. There’s just something very unified and cohesive about them, which might make them the most reliable and comfortable JRPGs around. And they’re always really good looking too. Now there’s a great way to catch up on some of the older titles before Tales of Zestiria comes out later this year, with his Tales of Compilation for PS3.


The combo pack comes with two of the best games in the series: Tales of Graces f, and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. Chronicles comes with both the normal game, but also Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World, effectively making this a three-games-in-one pack.




We’re pleased to say we’re currently taking pre-orders on this game for the sweet, low price of £14.99. We’re super happy to be able to offer a great bargain like this on one of our favourite series of all time. I met Hideo Baba once. But I did not touch him. He was very nice. Not to say I didn’t touch him because he was very nice, those were just two different observations. It’s just you know what convention sickness is like, I didn’t want to be forcing my hand onto Mr. Baba and making him sick.


Get the game for £14.99 here!




Maybe if I had he would have gotten really sick, and wouldn’t be able to continue with the Tales of Series.


You can thank me later for making sure the series keeps going.


Actually no, thank me now. In the comments, if you please.



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