Tales of Zestiria PS4 & Steam Versions Confirmed

Yes. That’s right. The constant jokes about Tales of Zestiria being only on PlayStation 3 can now cease. The gods of Japanese gaming (in this case, Bandai Namco Entertainment) have heard your prayers, and are now gracing us with not only a glorious PlayStation 4 version of Tales of Zestiria, but bringing Tales of Zestiria to Steam with a PC version too. The joy cannot be contained.


This confirms the long-standing rumours that Tales of Zestiria will be coming to PS4 and Steam, based on a listing in the Steam Database, as well as a quickly-taken down listing on Bandai Namco’s own website.




This will be the first Tales Of title to come to PC. The series is joining many other popular Japanese RPGs now available on Steam, such as Final Fantasy, Ys, Agarest, and Hyperdimension.

Our Rice Digital store listing will be updated to reflect the PS4 announcement. Check it out here.



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