4 Tears of Avia tips to get the most out of Estera

Tears of Avia releases today on Steam and Xbox One, so we’ve got you covered with a few bits and pieces to make the most out of your time with the game! Here are our Tears of Avia tips!

Tears of Avia Tips

Dynamic building 

When building your party you should first consider the level you’re heading into. Are you taking on elemental enemies – well if so Iris might come in handy to deal critical damage. Each character has their place, and each character can give you the upper hand in a battle as the game progresses. So, if you don’t level them up equally, you might come to regret it! 


The reach of your attacks is of upmost importance. Tears of Avia implements a grid-based system for all movement and attacks. If you’re going up against enemies who can hit you where you’re unable to hit them, you may need to consider having someone like Reina in your party. Reina can utilise her bow and arrow to attack across multiple tiles, giving you the safety of distance, and the venom of attacking!  


Are you trying to get the mission done quick? Going toe-to-toe with an enemy who will stand their ground? Brawlers and Knights might be your best pick. Having a high damage dealing character which both has the health to absorb attacks as well as the damage output to give them should be a staple in your party choices. 


If you’re going to be in a fight for the long haul, you’re going to need a priest. Someone that can heal the rest of your party and cure any ailments that might be inflected with along the way. If you find yourself struggling in a level, you might want to add Momoko to your party, or progress her skill tree to provide even better support to your party.  

You can pick up Tears of Avia right now on Xbox One and Steam!

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