Tears of Themis “Mysteries of the Lost Gold” event starts today

Tears of Themis‘ latest event, titled “Mysteries of the Lost Gold”, has now started.

Running until September 27, Mysteries of the Lost Gold will take the members of NXX on a treasure hunting expedition to the island of Nosta. While the event is intended to be a light-hearted search throughout the island’s four regions, there are people planning on using this for their own criminal gains.

As with the first global event, there’s another new minigame for players to take part in. This one involves navigating Nosta, collecting resources and building up your camp along the way. Progressing through the event will offer multiple rewards, including s-chips and limited event cards.

The event should be a good way to tide over those that have already finished Tears of Themis’ current main story. The rewards will also help boost your decks for future content, since there’s a lot of upgrade items to trade the event currency for.

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