Tekken 7 Season 4 starts November 10

 Tekken 7 Season 4 starts November 10

Bandai Namco have announced that Season 4 of Tekken 7 will begin on November 10, starting with the introduction of a new character and stage.

Kunimitsu is the first character available for Season Pass 4, being the daughter of the original Kunimitsu in Tekken 2. She’ll come with a handful of alternate costumes, which can be seen during her section of the release date trailer. Also shown is the Vermilion Gates stage, which will release alongside Kunimitsu.

Season 4 brings major balance changes too, including new moves for every single character. You’ll have to deal with these moves as you work towards the next online rank, Tekken God Omega.

The update should hopefully improve online play overall, as changes have been made to the game’s netcode. You’ll also be able to see if someone is playing on wi-fi, if you want to avoid potentially laggy matches.

While Season 4 of Tekken 7 wont be out until November 10, a patch including the netplay improvements and balance changes is already available for download.

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