Tekken Card Tournament booster packs in stores today

Though the iOS and Android versions of the game have already been released, Tekken Card Tournament booster packs make their debut in UK retailers today. Designed to complement the mobile apps, Tekken Card Tournament is Namco’s stab at the burgeoning free to play and mobile markets.


The turn based strategy game boasts extensive customisation options and cross platform multiplayer. On screen action follows the choices of both players, who are given the option to block, focus or strike; the game’s strategy arises in choosing your action depending on the cards in your hand. A number of Tekken fighters – including series favourites Law, Lili and Xiaoyu – are offered as playable characters, each coming with their own deck.



Gameplay is enhanced by the physical cards, which display QR codes to be scanned using a smartphone. These unlock specific in game bonuses and power ups, and players can superimpose their favourite characters in the environment around them using their phone’s camera.



Tekken Card Tournament has been well received on the iOS app store, with the title receiving an average of 4.5 stars across all versions. “The support of Tekken fans for Tekken Card Tournament has been incredible, and with the launch of the physical cards we’re giving [fans] more exciting possibilities to enjoy the game,” said Olivier Comte, Vice President of Namco Europe. The booster packs contain five cards, with each carrying a QR code and offering different in-game content. There are 191 cards in total, as well as 9 art cards. Separate to the mobile experience, Tekken Card Tournament can also be played in browser.


Tekken Card Tournament booster packs are available from the following retailers:

  •  GAME (Nationwide)
  •  Amazon (Online)
  • Stans Games (Falmouth and Cornwall)
  • That Game Shop (Nottingham)
  • DJ Computers (Bristol)
  • Lees Games (Morecambe)
  • Barkman Computers (Surrey)
  • Games Centre (Scotland)
  • Xbite (Sheffield)
  • Playtime (Doncaster, Sheffield and Nottingham)
  • That’s Entertainment (Essex)
  • JD Games (Carmarthenshire)
  •  Insane Games (Somerset)


[Source: Namco Bandai]

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