Temtem Bans Almost 900 Players, Initially Decided To Offer No Ban Appeal

 Temtem Bans Almost 900 Players, Initially Decided To Offer No Ban Appeal

Temtem is taking the world by storm, and rightfully so! It’s a great breath of fresh air within the monster-battling genre which is starting to grow, with Temtem and single player games like Nexomon Extinction on the way to consoles. With the swarm of players, Temtem have recently passed out bans, but not without controversy. 


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Crema announced via their Temtem twitter account yesterday that they have banned almost 900 players who have cheated or abused exploits intentionally. Which is great. What isn’t too great was their initial decision to refuse ban appeals. Crema were confident that ‘every single one’ of the bans was legit, after checking around 100 accounts (of the 900 banned).



The Twitter account claimed that they had made 100% sure that every banned user was legit, somehow, whilst only actually checking 100 accounts. Crema’s reasoning for doing so was that they thought cheaters would just exploit the appeal system to figure out how to get around it next time – while this may be true, you really can’t expect to never make a mistake, and just remove someone’s access from your game permanently.



Anyway, around an hour later, probably after some internal discussion, and a lot of feedback on socials, Crema revoked their stance on ban appeals. In a tweet, they admitted a “no appeal” policy is not a good idea, and explained how players can appeal their bans moving forward.



What a rollercoaster. It’s great to see Crema and Temtem cracking down on bans, they may have slipped up initially but they’re right back on track and did well to take on board feedback so quickly.


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