The best NES Controller inspired things. OF ALL TIME!

I can’t think of many Videogame designs as iconic or enduring as the original NES controller – so it’s little wonder that it’s proved influential for many designers and craftsmen. Everyone – even those who aren’t old enough to have enjoyed all this little rectangle could offer, can recognise it from a million miles away.


Okay, so may be not a MILLION miles away. Probably more like 10 meters or something. And only then if they knew what it was in the first place… so not really ‘everyone’ then, but definitely A LOT of gamers… oh for godsaake, you know what I mean! >_<   *sigh*   Here are some of my ‘favourite’ NES inspired things…

I would imagine it’s creator, Sally Lynne Designs has probably worn this at least once – and even though I have no idea what her face looks like, just imaging a real-life woman wearing something connected to gaming is enough to make me a little sweaty in both shirt and pants. So sweaty in fact, that my work colleagues are now looking at me with genuine concern…   *stops imagining*


I don’t really know why I included this NES style jacket. Truth be told, I don’t really like it and it also has the world’s most miserable man inside it – but hey, I have ten slots to fill here and google image search is not as forthcoming as I’d hoped it would be. Apparently this jacket originated from but you can’t actually find the jacket in there now. On the plus side – you will find a picture of a girls legs in ‘1Up’ knee high socks – an image that I find so strangely erotic, that I come back to the page to look at it at least 3 times a day when my boss isn’t looking.



When I was a boy, my mother used to scream ‘WIPE YOUR SHOES ON THE FUCKING MAT, WHEN YOU COME IN THE HOUSE!’ when I used to come home from cleaning the incinerator chimneys at the local abattoir.   And then she’d beat me red raw with the smooth rubbery underside of a Hello Kitty slipper! 🙁   When I eventually find a mate willing enough to breed with me, I will buy this carpet simply so I can shout ‘DON’T WIPE YOUR FEET ON THE FUCKING MAT!’ at my children, when they come in the house.  I feel there’s some justice/karma in there somewhere?



No doubt you’ve seen this one before – it’s a NES Bra – brought to you by Sceen Shoes. When I originally started this ‘feature’ I was going for the ‘NES things and pretty girls angle’ – but after wading though like a million NES tatoos and Controller Bras, I figured that;   a) It wouldn’t have much mileage. b) There are only so many pictures of girls wearing bras you can look at in the office before IT flag your station and I end up unemployed. and c) It wouldn’t be in-keeping with my online reputation as a fine, upstanding citizen of the United Kingdom and a true gentleman.



I couldn’t be any less interested in cars – outside them working, not looking horrible, and not making me poor. However, if someone ‘popped the hood’ (that’s what Car People say, right?) and showed me this? I’d be all like;   VROOOOOOOOOOOOM!   VROOOOOOOOOOOOOM! EEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRM! VROOOOOOOOM!   Right up in their ‘grill’! Which may, or may not, get me beaten up – depending on how car-loving and manly they are.   That, my friends, is how much I like this NES Engine.



This is my second favourite of all these NES controller items. It takes much of  ‘the design language’ (creators words, not mine) of the NES Controller and turns into a mouse. I was desperately trying to think of something ‘hilarious’ to write for this – but I can’t.   Why?   Because it’s just so damn classy.



This one is just too incredible for words. It’s not a ‘Real’ NES thing as such – more a working console game and NES pad created inside Minecraft. I have huge repspect for (and am insanely jealous of) this kind of thing – mainly because it brings into stark relief, just how stupid I really am! 🙁

This NES Coffee table is probably my favourite – mostly because it looks like a very accurate design, is actually very, very cool – works with a real NES and wisely and has a removable glass top you can put over it to protect it. This is the main reason that I like this one over the wood finish one you’ll find if you search on Google for about 5 seconds.   While I might seem like a certificed sociopath to you, I’m actually quite festidious – and I don’t like stains on wood furnishings.   Have you got that? Well, HAVE YOU?!   I SAID, DON’T LOOK AT ME!   *twitch*



aaaaand, we’re done here…


This feature was brought you in association with Google Image Search and ILJG who runs the I Love Japanese Games Facebook Page. His views are definitely not those held by Rice Digital or it’s partners – except maybe that one comment about the ‘1UP knee-high socks’.

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