Tengami Steam Key Only £2.62 with Funstock Digital Coupon Code

While Tengami isn’t a Japanese developed game (it’s Nyamyam, an indie UK team comprised of ex-Rare and ex-Acquire employees) it definitely takes a lot of queues from Japanese culture. Stunningly crafted it takes place inside the world of a Japanese pop-up book. It uses the setting to full advantage as you adventure through lots of wonderful pages.


ss_182cbcd4ac56f208c1b82c7b028cda45b11d9a3a.600x338 Tengami Steam


We’re pretty pleased to be able to offer the game for a real steal when you use our coupon code on Funstock Digital. With our code you can nab Nyamyam’s excellent debut game for only £2.62.


ss_129fa903f2097e8ae1f06413f34c40cfbcfc19de.600x338 Tengami Steam


Here’s the code:




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