The delicate beauty of Tengami

Sometimes a game’s aesthetic is so beautiful, you can’t fail to be taken in by it. Just one look at the trailer and you’ll understand what we mean. Tengami’s paper world of pop-up-book architecture and subtle 2D artwork is utterly captivating. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this game when it releases in the summer.



The work of four ex-Rare development staff, Tengami is a slow-moving, relaxing puzzle adventure game. Double tap on the screen to make your character move around each scene, and on reaching the end of the area, the scene folds over like the pages of a pop up book revealing the next beautiful area.




The landscape litterally, unfolds before your very eyes. Incredibly, care has been taken to make sure this process is as realistic as possible – the idea is that the pages unfold as they would if the scene were actually made of paper – in theory, the scenes would be possible to reproduce in real life. This is at once a remarkable testament to the team’s attention to detail, but also the core technology, the engine behind the game.



At its heart, Tengami is a puzzle game – but one of remarkable invention. To give a couple of sedate examples – on reaching a seemingly impassable river, a quick tap of the background folds down a flap revealing a bridge. Or, on meeting a pack of wolves – setting off wind chimes in the right order, prompts the wolves to growl and howl in harmony, thereby settling them down to sleep.




In this case, video most certainly speaks louder than pictures, and words really can’t do justice to the delicate, loveliness of Tengami, so we suggest you take a look at the trailer below. Tengami will be available on iPad in the summer with a PC and Mac release to follow.


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