The delightful foul-mouthed fun of VShojo’s new addition Veibae

US-based VTuber agency VShojo has been doing quite well for itself since its launch in late 2020, bringing together established and popular talents including Projekt Melody, Nyanners and Ironmouse with relative newcomers like Apricot the Lich (aka Froot) and Hajime Hime.

Now, the company has added a new cast member to its lineup — and judging by her initial appearance it seems like she’s going to fit right in.

Veibae is an established VTuber who launched her career as an independent star in 2020, then came on board with VShojo in early April of 2021. Unlike Froot and Hajime Hime, the previous newcomers to VShojo, Veibae has already built up a good following for herself on both YouTube and Twitch, and has proven particularly popular with Japanese viewers. She’s British in origin, though her mother is Polish, and this often comes through in her accent; she’s well aware of this and reassures her viewers that it’s “very easy and quick to get used to”.

Her popularity out east is likely due to the fact that the Japanese VTuber Shinji made a series of videos about her in May of 2020; perhaps not coincidentally, shortly after this time, Veibae branched out from the purely Twitch work she had been doing for the previous month and introduced her own YouTube channel that was primarily intended to play host to stream highlights. Since that time, Veibae has also shown a great deal of awareness and consideration for her Japanese fans by posting a lot of announcements and information in Japanese despite not speaking the language herself.

Like many VTubers, Veibae initially debuted as a 3D polygonal model, since these require less initial setup and collaboration between artists and riggers to get up and running. Over the months since she got started, she tried several different costumes, beginning with a comfy-looking pink hoodie outfit, later moving on to a schoolgirl-inspired outfit that highlighted her nature as a succubus with the presence of a tail and horns and subsequently, prior to her Live2D debut with VShojo, a catgirl maid.

Veibae official art
Official VShojo art by Puppeteer7777

Veibae had been planning to switch to a Live2D model for some time well before her addition to VShojo’s lineup; she had announced that the new model was being worked on as early as September of 2020, with its debut planned for December 2020. The new model was intended to emphasise her nature as a succubus, but she also had concept art for both a 2D version of the original pink hoodie look, and a Japanese-inspired outfit.

Veibae’s long-awaited Live2D debut eventually came on April 9 of 2021, at which point she also announced the fact that she had joined VShojo. During the debut stream, she went through most of the usual VTuber debut motions, including showing off her complete model with its righteous booba, all the possible facial expressions it could make — and the custom additions of a beer mug and game controller for use in appropriate situations. Veibae frequently drinks on stream and often complains about her family — who she lives with — stealing her beer, so the beer mug was always going to be part of this.

Veibae’s 2D artist (or “art papa”, as VTuber parlance has it) is Neonbeat, an 18 year old artist and Twitch streamer. Neonbeat has been posting fanart of Veibae and other VTubers for some time now, so he was evidently a natural choice to design her Live2D avatar.

Neonbeat had seemingly been suffering something of a crisis of confidence in early 2021, judging by their Twitter feed, but appears to be very happy and proud at Veibae’s successful debut — and so he should be, since Veibae’s intricate design looks absolutely great. (And both Veibae and fellow VShojo member Silvervale are absolutely thrilled about their matching womb tattoos.)

Veibae and Silvervale on Twitter

Neonbeat: "Succubus Vei"
Silvervale: "Can we rub our matching womb tattoos together before we nut together?"

Meanwhile, Veibae’s rigging — the internal structure that allows her Live2D model to animate and move around — was created by Keffiy, who has previously worked on a number of Hololive members, including Kiryu Coco, Tsunomaki Watame, Kureiji Ollie and Takanashi Kiara. Kiara in particular is an established fan of Veibae (“cause she’s sexy and I love her voice”) and as such Veibae has come to think of herself as Kiara’s step-sister.

Veibae’s scene art, used for interstitial screens on her stream, is the work of independent VTuber DyaRikku, a prolific artist in her own right. She is set to have her own “re-debut” very soon also.

In her own words, Veibae is a degenerate who is “not into scat” and absolutely definitely does not have a drinking problem — or at least she won’t after she finishes the beer she has. She’s married to Silvervale in Final Fantasy XIV but also has a crush on Nyanners — who doesn’t? — and, as with the other VShojo girls, intends to keep doing exactly what she’s been doing. As she says herself: “Am I still toxic? Yeah, dumbass. You think I’m gonna fucking change for VShojo? They took me in, knowing what I am. Bad PR!”

Despite debuting her Live2D model, Veibae reassured her longstanding fans that she had no intention of abandoning 3D, and in fact had several new 3D models on the way — indeed, she’s already revealed one. It’s not unusual for VTubers to have both Live2D and 3D models on the go at once; Kiryu Coco is a great example, making use of her 3D model to post frequent 15-second shitposts on YouTube between her main streams.

Veibae official art
Official VShojo art by Puppeteer7777

So far Veibae has seemingly proven to be quite popular with VShojo fans and the broader VTuber community. During her debut stream, she broke 100k followers on Twitter and, at the time of writing, is closing in on 200k YouTube subscribers. The aforementioned videos by Shinji would often get over a million views, and other videos on her YouTube channel to date have done very respectably, typically attracting between 40 and 150k viewers. Meanwhile her Twitch has 240k followers at the time of writing.

Veibae hasn’t established a schedule yet from the look of things but you can follow her Twitch here, her YouTube here and her Twitter here. She’ll also be appearing alongside her VShojo friends as part of an Among Us collaboration with Kizuna Ai and a number of other Japanese VTubers on April 14.

Here’s to many foul-mouthed evenings of fun ahead.

Header art by Neonbeat.

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