The Good Life’s First Trailer Has Cats Everywhere

 The Good Life’s First Trailer Has Cats Everywhere

Last week Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as Swery, has announced his latest title The Good Life. Now at Gamescom 2017 we get the first glimpse into this new game.





Swery’s love towards the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks is more then evident in his divisive but nevertheless popular title Deadly Premonition. The Good Life also follows this formula. Here you will explore a seemingly quite town populated with bizarre characters in search of a murderer.



Despite how it sounds the game seems to be colorful and quirky. The game even ads a unique twist to this tried and true formula by turning everyone in the village into a cat at night.



The game is in preparation for its crowed funding via Fig starting on September 3rd. But before that expect more information during Coffee Time With Swery65 on the 2nd of September at PAX West.


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