The loveliest Atelier cosplays you’ve ever seen

I’ve been playing Atelier Totori Plus on the PlayStation Vita recently, a series I love, due in no small part to the art of Mel Kishida, someone I consider to be one of the finest character artists in Japan thanks to his ornate-yet-down-to-earth costume design.




So it’s little wonder that his work lends itself so brilliantly to Cosplay – and that Atelier Cosplays are some of the prettiest on the internet, and the perfect remedy to the usual skin-tight, boobs-out cosplay that… er… I normally post on here…




That paragraph didn’t work out quite how I originally planned it to .___.


So er, here are 10 beautiful Atelier cosplays – many of which feature Shirayuki Himenos, who I may, or may not have a massive internet crush on… *blush*



The first of the Shirayuki Himenos cosplays – this time as Cecilia, Totori’s sister in Atelier Totori. I find her character in the game a little annoying – too much a classic fit to the overbaring but caring older sister. Though in this picture, I find her decidedly less annoying… somehow…




Nothing says Atelier, like two girls sitting on the floor next to a marble fireplac- no… wait… that’s totally wrong. Still, two girls in sisterly Atelier cosplay? Together? In the same shot? This feels totally right.



Oh my goodness! Himenos, in full Totori cosplay.


Not going to lie – I’ve looked at this picture A LOT.




Shirayuki Himenos does Merurulince Rede Arls.


Try pronouncing that while throwing your head back, gargling gingerbeer with half a chili pepper in each eye socket.


I know from bitter experience, it’s no laughing matter. *wipes shirt*





 Arisa happens to be another of my favourite cosplayers, that I’ve featured in the past in one place or another. Here she ‘does’ Meruru.


I’m particularly frustrated by the cleavage on this one – it reminds me of being on a first date where you accidentally catch a sight of it and get caught in the process – resulting in one of those unpleasant silences, where you can only look down at your cutlery as you feel the burning hot shame, flood into your cheeks, before paying the bill and having to make the two and a half mile walk home in the rain alone because you can’t find a taxi…


Maybe I should have stopped typing at ‘Meruru’. 🙁




Okay, so I promise this one of Atelier Pamela is the last Shirayuki Himenos cosplay I post here – mainly because if I carry on much longer some of you will think I’m some kind of creepy stalker…


…and that will completely ruin the PLANS I have for me to get the next flight over to Shirayuki’s house in Japan where she will become my BRIDE and we will live together in a little house and have a dog and three children and she will wear Atelier cosplays everyday while we play TaikoNoTetsujin at our local game center and walk home in the balmy sunshine and then when we’re home she will feed me noodles on…


*deep breath*


To late? Oh…




This cosplay of Ayesha Altugle from Yukuza gets an 8.3 on the ‘Pixie Scale’ which I completely just this second made up. What else can I say after that last post other than, it’s very pretty and nice. I like it.


 Another prolific cosplayer that I stumble on from tie to time is Kisa Hibari from Thailand. Didn’t realise she’d done an Atelier cosplay in the past – here she is doing Rorona – so it’s nice to have an excuse to add her to one of these lists!


This is one of the best Totori cosplays I’ve seen – or rather, one of the best pictures I’ve seen. Not because of the costume – but because somehow, in that moment, in that pose, it’s captured Totori’s personality very nicely. It’s Totori made real – and I guess that’s what cosplay is all about. Nicely done, Timarshdi 🙂


Emi-Zone and an Atelier Rorona cosplay which, by her own admission, she doesn’t really like or is even finished in the snap. Just goes to show, good photography and the right pose can take you a long way!





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