The PS4 Announcement – All the Important Bits at a Glance

Seven years have passed since the launch of PlayStation 3 and finally Sony announced their next system, the PlayStation 4 in New York Last night. With so much detail, opinion, presentations and videos, we thought we’d put all the important bits together in one handy, at a glance, article, for those of us who just want the pertinent points.


Spec wise – Sony said that the system will have a similar architecture to that of a high end PC. It will be based on the x86 architecture and will have 8 GB of high speed ram.


The new Dual Shock 4 controller has a touchpad and two new buttons which are the share button in the top left and options top right. The gamepad is missing the start and select buttons, but I guess the touch pad will be used to emulate those buttons for older titles. An additional is 3.5mm headphone jack allowing for better social experiences. The gamepad also has a light bar at the top which is used for detecting the player and cutting him out of the background.


PS4 Announcement Dual Shock 4 Cnotroller


Powering the system off will place the game into ram, allowing you to resume exactly where you left off once you return.
The system also has a custom chip for uploads and downloads, which means you can upload, download or update games in the background.


Digital titles should now be playable without needing to download the full game. The game will download only as much as it needs to run, the rest will download while you are playing. In the future they want to reduce download times to zero. This is said to be possible by analyzing what each individual user likes and predownloading those games, allowing you to have them on your system the second you buy them.


PS4 Announcement Killzone Shadow Fall


As expected, the PS4 has a new user interface. The friend’s network now uses real names, but it’s possible to use your gamer name instead. You will also be able to spectate your friends game and jump in to help them whenever you like. As for the share button pressing it allows you to upload gameplay footage directly to YouTube.


Sony announced the Gaikai service for the PS4. This will allow you to try games for free before buying them without downloading a single byte. Gaikai will also be used for backward compatibility.


PS4 Announcement Dual Shock 4 Cnotroller Knack


Remote play is built into the system and Sony wants every PS4 title to be playable on the PlayStation Vita.


The following games were unveiled during this press conference:


Knack is a new action platformer. Sony demonstrated the possibilities for remote play via the Vita.




Killzone Shadow Fall
Killzone Shadow Fall showed a huge firefight in the middle of a city. The environment looks massive.




Drive Club
A new IP driving game from the developers of MotorStorm. It’s a team based racing game. The first person view looked very detailed and gave a great sense of immersion.




Infamous Second Son
Sucker Punch unveiled the PS4 exclusive trailer for the super hero game Infamous Second Son. No gameplay footage was shown but the trailer seems to be running in-engine.




The Witness
The Witness is from the indie developer that made braid. The graphics are very stylish and clean. It might not demonstrate the true power of the PlayStation 4, but for an indie title it looks very good.




Deep Down
Capcom showed an original IP which is powered with their new Panta Rhei engine. The graphics are very impressive, lighting, water, flames, all are remarkably detailed.




Watch Dogs
Ubisoft showed us a live demo of Watch Dogs, the new IP they revealed last E3. The live demo looks every bit as impressive as last year’s unveiling. The game was running on a PC similarly spec’ed to the PS4. More info about the game will be revealed later this year.



Diablo III
You heard it right, Chris Metzen from Blizzard appeared during the press conference and announced a strategic partnership with Sony. Diablo III will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and will feature a four player split screen co-op. More should be shown on Pax East.


Bungie’s 10 year project Destiny was announced to be available for both the PS3 and PS4.



The Unreal 4 demo shown working on the PS4.

Quantic Dream the developer of Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain displayed a very impressive tech demo of an old man.

Media molecule unveiled how they developed a sculpting tool using the move controller.

Square-Enix also reshowed Aegis Prophecy demo. They said that their games will target the graphics seen in the Luminous Engine demo. They also announced that a Final Fantasy title will be unveiled for this year’s E3.


The system is set to launch in 2013 holidays.
Since we didn’t see the actual system or hear about the pricing, we should expect a lot more news from this year’s E3.

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