The Psychedelic 'Qlione' releases on Rice Digital today!

If ever there was a shooter that defied convention – it’s this one! Qlione is one of those shooters that you have to really play to fully appreciate – not only is it a visually striking piece of work, but it’s also very unusual in its choice of weapon and use of physics as it’s core mechanic. One thing it can’t be accused of, is being ordinary!


The work if doujin developer Shindenken and publisher and localisation company Rockin’ Android, Qlione can be bought from the Rice Digital store today.



Boasting psychedelic vector backgrounds, and gorgeous splashy explosions – where even the enemy projectiles are constantly moving, bending, shape-shifting and flowing in the most unconventional directions – Qlione will test your skill and ingenuity to the limit!


The fundamentals are simple. You have your ship which sits on a grid and is approached by waves of enemies. Perhaps the closest comparison, visually speaking, would be Bizarre Creations’ Geometry Wars – but this affiliation is only skin deep. Where Geometry Wars was a hell-for-leather kill, avoid or die spectacle of high intensity, Qlione is altogether more cerebral. If Geometry Wars is a bull in a china shop – Qlione is a bull in a Physics Lab!


Doujin shooters - Qlione screenshot


You only have two weapons at your disposal. One bomb explodes like a normal bomb, the other bomb behaves like a vacuum and bends the fabric of the grid. When you drop them, they take a few seconds before they detonate – and so hitting the enemy is a case of good timing, keen anticipation and clever trap-laying.


But there’s more! How you space and time your bomb blasts will effect how they explode on the grid, how they send violent waves and ripples in the grid, careering towards the enemy.  Once you get the hang of how the physics works, you can start to really play with how you dish out damage, to spectacular effect.


Doujin Games Japanese Indie Games Shooter


Qlione redefines what a 2D shooter can be and is easily one of the most imaginative titles, in terms of mechanics, we’ve played in a long time. It’s a title worthy of every shmup connoisseur – while those who are simply on the hunt for something new will be able to appreciate it the sheer majestic beauty of this truly unique audio-visual experience.


Qlione features;

  • Distinctive neon vector visuals with a distinctive, biological, almost liquid-like quality.
  • Unique mechanics that require a keen grasp the world’s physics as well as your trigger finger!
  • Destroy enemies using dual bomb types – ‘compression’ and ‘spread’ to attract and destroy enemies.
  • Inventive placement and the two bomb types create different environmental affects to help deal with the enemy waves – experiment for the best effects!
  • 8 stages in total, complete with boss encounters.


Qlione is the third Rockin’ Android title to be released on Rice Digital, alongside Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a little Aviator and SUGURI Collection


Qlione is available to download today for £3.99 on the Rice Digital Store


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