The Tatami Galaxy Review (Anime)

The Tatami Galaxy took a little while to grab me but when it did I then found myself thinking about it a lot and missing its unique cast, story and artwork, and it’s a show that stands out in the ever-growing sea of anime. Does the rose-coloured college life actually exist?


The Tatami Galaxy follows a college student as he’s trying find what he perceives to be the perfect, ideal college life but with very little success. He repeats his two years of college over and over as he joins different clubs to achieve his dream, although he’s unaware of it. There are constants such as the demonic-looking Ozu who is constantly causing trouble for the protagonist, as well as the protagonist’s love interest Akashi, and you can bet that the protagonist will find himself in an outlandish situation which causes him to wish to relive his two years once more. The Tatami Galaxy is a journey to find what you think you really want when what you really want is already right in front of you, and that you should live life to the fullest and without regrets — it’s a captivating anime that’ll get you thinking.


The Tatami Galaxy Review 1

It’s a show that stands out in the ever-growing sea of anime.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most stylish, unique anime around and a big part of that is owed to the show’s incredible art style. Madhouse are known for creating more than a few outstanding anime with gorgeous visuals, but they’ve done nothing quite like The Tatami Galaxy. The use of colour, lighting and slick directing makes it an absolute joy to watch, and it’s hard to pull your eyes away. The animation is fluid and defined, packed with an abundance of detail in every nook and cranny, and the lovely character design is packed with personality and I love seeing the character’s various outfits — The Tatami Galaxy is amongst the best looking anime out there. There are some very funny moments that take advantage of the show’s alluring art style. Real world footage is used with the animation imposed onto it, breathing further life into a story that aspires to be real and leaves you with real life lessons.


If you’ve seen The Tatami Galaxy then you’re already aware of its fast talking and emphasis on dialogue. There’s never a quiet moment as we hear all of the protagonists thoughts and his desperate attempt to grab a hold of the elusive rose-coloured college life which is constantly out of his grasp. Though he’s rather shy, he’s also very judgemental and lofty, believing that he is better than many of those around him despite constantly being roped into their shenanigans. If you look away then you’re liable to miss the subtitles as they quickly fly by, usually at a faster pace than most other anime, and there’s no dub of any sort — fortunately, the dialogue is enjoyable to read. The Tatami Galaxy’s soundtrack is catchy, especially the opening theme, with a wonderful emphasis on piano that reflects the protagonist’s desire for something he doesn’t know – or realise – how to achieve.


The Tatami Galaxy Review 2

The Tatami Galaxy is amongst the best looking anime out there.

Clever, beautiful and wholly distinctive, The Tatami Galaxy proved to leave a mark and is quite unlike anything that I’ve seen before. Its enticing visuals and dialogue prevent you from losing attention whilst its plot and characters get you thinking as the protagonist himself comes to his own conclusions about his college life and issues. Looking back, it’s easy to imagine how you wanted your college life to be so the protagonist’s plight resonates with me, and it being based on some of author Tomihiko Morimi’s own experiences during his Kyoto University days makes it all the more bittersweet. You should definitely check The Tatami Galaxy out as its a great anime that really stands out, and the love and care that have gone into it is clear. The Tatami Galaxy is more than worth watching.

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