The Unique, Over-the-Top Suguri Collection Is Available To Buy Today

We’re happy to announce some new additions to the Rice Digital Store, courtesy of Rockin’ Android.  Bringing together gameplay from both fighting games and shoot-’em-ups, Suguri and Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition HD are games that you don’t want to miss!



The Suguri series is the creation of the doujin developer Orange Juice, who were also behind another game featured on Rice Digital: Flying Red Barrel. If you’ve experienced Flying Red Barrel for yourself, you’ll be in for a treat with Suguri Collection.




When I started up Suguri for the first time, I wasn’t completely sure of what to expect. I knew that it wasn’t a typical scrolling shooter, but it wasn’t until I actually started playing when I realised how different it was.


While Suguri is the closest to tradition scrolling shooters in the collection, it still offers up a lot of unique mechanics to keep it feeling fresh. Suguri, the girl you control during the game, handles differently to the usually array of shoot-‘em-up characters. She has the ability to dash around the screen, allowing her to pass through beam attacks and get close to enemies. While this may sound like something that will make the game too easy, there are a few things the player has to watch out for.


For starters, physical attacks like missiles cannot be dashed through, and continuously dashing increases Suguri’s Heat Gauge. The higher this is, the more damage you take when hit. This presents you from abusing the dash mechanic, and stops it from feeling too cheap. Mastering dashing will be the first thing that you should do, since it offers other benefits outside of just avoiding attacks.



These benefits are where the fighting game influences come in. Dashing can be used to cancel most attacks, meaning that you can remove the after-attack delay and follow up with another attack. Regular attacks can also be cancelled into Hyper attacks, which work similarly to fighting games as well. As you damage enemies or narrowly avoid attacks using dashes, you’ll build up a meter which is used for the aforementioned Hyper attacks. Like fighting games, these cause greater damage, and most grant you a shield for the duration of your attack, negating all damage.


Adding to all this is a wide variety of weapons you can equip, each with their own Hyper attack. New weapons are unlocked the longer you play, which will add more incentive for those of you who like to play thorough games many times.


The other game in Suguri Collection, Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition HD, is even closer to a fighting game than its predecessor, offering plenty of crazy one-on-one battles with Suguri’s cast.



This version of Acceleration of Suguri includes redone HD sprites as well as updates, meaning that you’re getting the complete package.


Acceleration of Suguri’s basic layout is similar to that of a tradition fighter. You have three story modes, consisting of a series of fights with dialogue between them, along with training and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer supports both local and online play, meaning that you fight against your friends wherever they are.


While this sounds fairly run-of-the-mill, gameplay itself is where the real changes lie. Each of the original game’s bosses, along with Suguri herself, are present, each with different attacks inspired by their original attack patterns. The rest of the mechanics from Suguri also make a return, including dashing and the Heat gauge. These work the same as they did in the first game, which reduces the amount of time it takes to get to grips with the change in style.


Playing as the enemies you used to fight against makes for a completely different experience, since they all play differently. Some are best at close range, while others are better at playing keep-away. Learning each character is the key to winning, since it’s easier to plan a strategy of attack when you know what you’re up against.


Both games in this collection also feature amazing soundtracks, full of techno and trance that help to get the blood pumping! As an added bonus, the soundtracks are included with each game, allowing you to listen to your favourite tracks whenever you please.



For those that love the shoot-em-up genre, or are just looking for something different, Suguri Collection is the perfect addition to your doujin library. You can grab it now from the Rice Digital store for only £6.49.


As always, all our titles are available internationally – the currency will convert automatically for you when you reach the checkout!

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