The World Ends With You gets another countdown website

Here we go again… Square Enix have created yet another countdown website for a The World Ends With You related project.

The series is no stranger to countdown sites, having already teased the anime adaption using this method, and mobile ports even earlier than that.

Square Enix unveiled the site on November 17, with an appropriate seven day countdown ending on November 24. We don’t know what this site is teasing, though it should be unrelated to the anime due to it being tweeted from one of the company’s main accounts.

More than 10 years have passed since the original DS release of The World Ends With You, and over 2 years since a potential sequel was seemingly teased in TWEWY Final Remix on Switch. You’d think that Square Enix wouldn’t build up hype for another port or non-game project after all this time, but it has been known to make some odd decisions at times.

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