Tukiko and the Three T-Shirt Shops!

Once upon a time, there was a little tanuki called Tukiko. She was a geek and loved all things nerdy.







One day, she looked in the mirror and said to herself,


"I should get a Geeky T-shirt!"

It would be a surefire way to show off her fandoms so she packed her bag and headed to the shops.

Soon after, she arrived in town and came across three shops. Tukiko entered the first to see what she could find.

"This T-shirt is too big!"

she said as she tried on a shirt, but  it seemed this store only stocked male sizes. Not giving up, she moved on to the next shop.

Inside she found another t-shirt but gave a shriek when she saw the price.


"This T-shirt is to expensive!"

The t-shirts would fit but they weren’t worth the price, so she fled the shop before her wallet took a hit.

With her hope dwindling she gave a sigh; she’d never find a t-shirt to buy. Looking at the final shop, her hope sparked a bit.


"Geeky tees? Maybe they'll have a T-shirt for me.”

Inside she found a t-shirt so perfect that she cried aloud with might…

“This t-shirt is just right!”

The End!





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