There’s an Official Dragon Quest Minion Slime

 There’s an Official Dragon Quest Minion Slime

Yes, for some reason there’s a lot of cross-promotion between Despicable Me and Dragon Quest, more specifically between the mascots of both series: the minions and slimes. The natural culmination of which, is, of course, an official Dragon Quest Minion slime from both Square Enix and Universal Studios.



These are part of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest XI “Everyone’s Slime” promotion, where you can make your own slime. The minion slime (“minna slime”) also apparently has a brief cameo in Despicable Me 3, though I’ll confess I’ve not seen it, so can’t confirm. It could also be that it only appears in the Japanese cut.


In Japan, Despicable Me 3 has a different title that brings minions more to the forefront. It’s called 怪盗グルーのミニオン大脱走 (Kaitō Gurū no Minion Dai Dassō), which literally translates roughly as The Great Escape of Gru’s Minion Thief.



The Japanese music video for Pharell William’s “Yellow Light”, the end credits song for Despicable Me 3, also features a slime cameo. During a section where Pharell is digitised and must rescue his minion friends, he jumps over some slimes. In non-Japanese versions of the music video the scene is different, having Pharell jumping across some Tetris-esque blocks.


Is this as far as the cross-promotion will go, or can we expect some minion cameos in Dragon Quest XI itself? The game comes out this week on 29th July in Japan, for both Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4. It will be coming to Switch at an as-of-yet unannounced time. No western release date has yet been announced.


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