Third Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack Shown Off

The third Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack releases on 29th March, and to excite fans a bunch of new screenshots have been released focusing on newcomers Tharja, Olivia and Owain, as well as new outfits, armour breaks and weapons. Just like the game itself, there’s more content here than you could shake a stick at!


The Awakening pack is part of the season pass, so let’s see what we get.






















As with each DLC pack, each new character comes with their own History Map.



Chrom’s Exalt Outfit




Lissa’s Sage Outfit




Cordelia’s Dark Flier Outfit



All characters representing Awakening have armour break models too, and you can check out Lucina, Lissa and Cordelia’s below.





The Fire Emblem Warriors Awakening DLC pack releases on 29th March, and it’s the third DLC pack to release separately and as part of the season pass.

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