Three New Characters Join SaGa Scarlet Grace

Sasha, Ruisu and Seruhan are the three newest characters featured in SaGa Scarlet Grace, in addition to Leonard and Taria who’ve been previously announced. Gameplay features have also been revealed and detailed along with a brief introduction to each new character.


Ruisu is part of a family who protects the Mori lighthouse of the Irufi sea, which in turn is used by the empire to support a strong economy. The empire fell into ruin and the lighthouse became less and less relevant as the seas were used less for trade and other things, and other lighthouses have ceased operation. Ruisi has strong affection for Mori lighthouse and maintains it with engineering and magical technology, and excels in speed, swimming and puts other sailors to shame with his rowing skills.


Seruhan is a member of the Niu royal family which holds power across the Eastern Empire but because his mother came from the tribe of Ashina, Seruhan was sent to live at the bottom of empire nobility as a hostage away from his mother from an early age. When head of his family is murdered, Seruhan is suspected of having a hand in it and he’s forced to run away. He reunites with his mother in the village of Ashina where he finds out that his mother was gravely ill and passed away without ever knowing what happened to her son.


Sasha is a mysterious character who’s summoning the protagonist as they search for the pieces of the shattered Fire Bringer which once brought great trouble to the world. Not much has been shared yet regarding Sasha, but it’s clear she’ll play an important role in the story.

As promised, there are gameplay elements which have been shared today too! First up is the Free World system which sees the overworld, dungeon and battles seamlessly connect so you can have a smooth journey to the game’s conclusion. It seems what you do in battle and other events will change how events play out. Flux earned at the end of battle can be used to strengthen your character and a new system which I quite like has been introduced which sees a fallen teammate replaced by another one who’ll be far stronger for a period of time, but this also invites the risk of far stronger enemies and so should be used sparingly.
As is similar with other JRPG’s, you can delay an enemies turn (and vice-versa) by attacking a weakness or inflicting loads of damage. This can help turn the tide of battle by delaying their attack and giving you another chance to defeat them – I’m sure this will be popular with those who have a tendency to always end up with one party member left against a powerful boss!
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