Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and Kill la Kill Box 3 to release on 29th June

The dates for two of Anime Limited’s most anticipated titles, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and the last box of Kill la Kill, have finally been confirmed to release in Europe on 29th June.
There’ve been a few delays on both titles, with Kill la Kill recently being delayed due to a manufacturing issue where the collector’s edition boxes were extremely tight which made it almost impossible to get the discs out without damage. I bought one at MCM and can confirm that it’s pretty much a final boss battle, and it’s nice to see that Anime Limited excel with customer service yet again.
Kill la Kill Box 3 covers the last few episodes of the anime and as someone who’s watched it twice, I can safely recommend it as a brilliant anime that’ll keep you entertained ’til the end. Tiger & Bunny: The Rising takes place after the main events of the series and I’m happy to see it finally come to the UK as it’s one of my favourite anime. It seems like many overlooked Tiger & Bunny but you should check it out, it’s amazing.
We’ll be reviewing Tiger & Bunny: The Rising before its release, and we’ll review Kill la Kill as a complete set shortly.

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