Toby Fox shares development update for Deltarune

 Toby Fox shares development update for Deltarune

Chapter 1 of Deltarune released back in 2018, and creator Toby Fox has been hard at work on the next instalment of the Earthbound inspired RPG.

In an update today, Toby thanks fans of his previous game, Undertale, for supporting him, saying that he “didn’t expect the simple game [he] made to receive so much attention”.

Toby also goes into detail regarding the difficulties developing Deltarune over his previous game, Undertale. This includes more complicated graphics and an increase in the amount of content overall.

Deltarune Chapter 2 screenshot

If everything goes as planned, Chapter 2 of Deltarune should be finished “before the end of the year (not accounting for translation, bugtesting, and porting)”. In its current state, Toby mentions that the chapter “may be around 50% done”.

Undertale was a huge success worldwide, including in Japan. It was recently featured in an issue of Famitsu, and Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai shared an image today to commemorate Undertale’s 5th anniversary.

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