Tokyo Clanpool will Include a Touching Feature

Dengeki  has released new information on Compile Heart’s upcoming game Tokyo Clanpool, specifically on its “ether induction” feature. And, as you might expect, it will make use of the touchpad of the PS Vita in an almost appropriate way (eh… not really).



Ether is a sort of condensed life energy that needs to be applied to the characters to make them unleash some sort of secret power. Ether induction mode can be accessed anytime from the base area.


Tokyo Clanpool Touching Feature


In this mode, you will have to find the “right spots” on the girl in order to succeed. There are 5 sorts of ether, and each one has a different effect. The girls’ reactions will be different depending on the ether and the spot.


There should be more information about the game in the 27th July issue of Dengeki magazine (but I don’t think anything can surprise me anymore).


Tokyo Clanpool

If you missed it, the first trailer of the game can be seen hereTokyo Clanpool releases on the 5th October in Japan for PS Vita.

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