Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- is Coming to PS4 and Switch

 Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- is Coming to PS4 and Switch

I reviewed Tokyo Dark back when it released on PC and I loved it – so much so that I’m ecstatic to play through it again with brand new content in Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- when it releases on PS4 and Switch this Winter.




The new content comes in the form of art, scenes and additional endings, so it seems that there will be a fair bit of fresh content to sink your teeth into. Instead of being publishing by Square Enix Collective, this console version will be published by Sony’s indie publishing arm, Unties.


tokyo dark -remembrance-


The Cherrymochi-developed game is a visual novel/point-and-click adventure hybrid, and it follows Detective Itō Ayami who is searching for her missing partner, Detective Kazuki Tanaka. The ending you get will depend on what choices you make, and these choices affect Ayami’s mental state. It’s clever and engaging, and well worth picking up on PS4, Switch or PC.

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