Too Kyo Games Announces Death March Club for 2020 Release

Kazutaka Kodaka’s new studio Too Kyo Games has revealed a little more on one of the 4 titles they recently announced. The third of the four announced titles, Death March Club is an action-adventure game described as a “death game for kids, by kids” which is being co-developed with Grounding for PC release worldwide some time in 2020.


Death March Club is a controversial game centred around a death game between 12 year old. Players will control a boy named Reicho to solve puzzles and clear stages through gameplay which alternates between action and adventure parts.


The game’s key staff is as follows:


Creative Director: Kazutaka Kodaka


Scenario and Director: Kotaro Uchikoshi


Director: Takumi Nakazawa


Character Design: Take


Art Director: Kentarou Yoshida


Producer: Shinsuke Umeda


Development Director: Yukio Futatsugi


Developer: Too Kyo Games and Grounding


We still don’t have a lot of information to go on, but it’s a pleasant surprise to have any so soon! Death March Club was announced in the latest of issue of Famitsu, and we get a bit more detail from snippets of a recent interview with Kodaka, Uchikoshi, and publisher Izanagi Games’ Shinsuke Umeda. Thanks to Ryokutya2089 and for the interview snippets.


Kodaka: Uchikoshi and I settled on a children’s death game. As I’m taking a break from Danganronpa, I’d thought that might be enough of death games for now, but Uchikoshi wanted to give another death game a try.

Uchikoshi: (While talking about things they didn’t get to put in Zero Escape) I persuaded Kodaka and won him over.

Kodaka: In exchange, we agreed this would be the last death game. Then I’m done with them, so this will be the last death game we work on.


Kodaka: The action parts are being handled by Futatsugi and Grounding.

Kodaka: The team at Grounding has lots of experience and I was reminded just how amazing they are at getting things done.


Umeda: We’d like to sell games by Japanese creators directly to a big overseas market. There are other titles in the works at Izanagi Games too.

Kodaka: I’d never heard of a group like Izanagi Games, so I was a bit suspicious about them when they first reached out to me.


Kodaka: The action parts will work like a side-scrolling game. This title is a children’s game being made for an adult audience.


Kodaka: The game’s stage is a huge amusment park in the ocean. The tagline is “trust each other and die”. Unfortunately the game’s title abbreviates to DMC. (Laughs)

Uchikoshi: That’s similar to “just trust each other, just die” which we considered as a tagline for Virtue’s Last Reward. Wait, that’s the one we used! I thought it was one we rejected.

Umeda: Do you want to change the tagline?

Kodaka: I’m sure you can come up with something better by tomorrow.

Uchikoshi: Please give me longer than that…


Kodaka: For example, an elementary student with a special ability to throw different things will appear. The reason will become clearer as you progress through the story. There are other elementary students with crazy abilities too, even one that can control electricity.

Kodaka: You only play as Reicho, but other characters will tag along and help out for buddy actions.


Kodaka: The volume of the scenario is huge. You can look forward to many unexpected twists right up until the very end of the story.

Kodaka: Reicho doesn’t talk. The reason is the same as for the character in our national RPG (Dragon Quest). The adventure part is set to be fully voiced, and will take about 20 hours to complete.


Kodaka: The reason we’re going for a PC release is because we have the overseas audience in mind as our main target. We announced the 2020 release so early because it’s normal for indie games to release information well in advance.

Umeda: Also, because our company is receiving funding from overseas, we might have a surprise announcement before the release. We’d like to release a gameplay demo for the action part as soon as possible too so we can hear some feedback.


Death March Club is scheduled to release worldwide in 2020 for PC.

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