Top 10 Anime OP’s Ever

As a huge otaku, I love anime and games, but I also love music… My playlist is full of various tracks, and most of it is opening songs to some of my favourite shows. In this article I will be listing my top 10 anime OP’s. This is going to be one song per series to prevent one show from having more songs on this list, and of course this is purely my opinion!

Honourable Mentions

Inferno by Mrs.GREEN APPLE from Fire Force (Enen No Shouboutai Opening 1) 

One of my favourite OPs from last year. Very solid and gets me hyped up for this anime. 

With the Wind by Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga from Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS(Opening 1)

A Solid opening theme by the singer of a few opening songs for the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and it’s really fitting for this series. 

1.2.3 by After The Rain(Soraru x MafuMafu) from Pocket Monsters/Pokémon(2019) 

I absolutely adore this song a lot. It’s really fun and lighthearted and it fits pretty well with Pokémon. 

Gingira Ginga by Strawberry Prince(Sutopuri) [Nayuta-Seijin] from Yo-Kai Watch Jam: Yo-Kai Gakuen Y ~N to no Souguu~ 

This song pretty much gets me hyped for this new take on the Yo-Kai Watch series which takes the form of a Highschool Shounen action series. 

Easy Breezy by Chelmico from Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken(Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na) 

I really vibe with this one a lot and this one gets in my head all the time. 

The Top 10

  1. Hikari Are by BURNOUT SYNDROMES from Haikyū!!  Karasuno High School VS Shiratorizawa Academy(Season 3) 

From the build up in the beginning to the song itself. I really enjoy this OP from Haikyū!! a lot and it has its ways of getting in my head on some occasions. The visuals also really work well with the song in question. Definitely one I recommend for the playlists.

  1. Togenkyo Alien by serial TV drama from Gintama(Opening 9) 

This opening perfectly explains what Gintama is about. Gintama is one hell of a fun comedic and crazy manga and the anime adaptation has been one of my favourites for sure. There are more cool OP’s in this show but I decided to go with this one cause it just fits the series so well in my opinion. 

  1. Just Communication by Two-Mix from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Opening 1) 

I really love this opening song a whole lot. I have a lot of nostalgia for Gundam Wing since this was one of the first mecha anime I have ever watched as a kid on TV and this OP just stuck with me a whole lot. 

  1. WILD SIDE by ALI(Alien Liberty International) from BEASTARS

One of the more recent shows on this list but the opening is absolutely amazing with the very Jazzy vibe and the fact that the Opening is entirely done in stop-motion animation adds a lot of charm to it. Definitely one of my favourites for this year. 

  1. Puzzle by ROUND TABLE Feat. Nino from Welcome to the NHK!

Another OP from one of the anime series that is in my personal favourites. I definitely have been humming the tune to this for a good bit after watching the series itself which I definitely recommend since the anime is one of the few top favourites I have on my list. 

  1. Blood Circulator by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION from Naruto Shippuden(Opening 19) 

This one is definitely my favourite opening from Naruto Shippuden and Naruto as a whole even though I do love all the other opening songs from the anime as well. But this one gets me hyped like most of the songs AKG have done in the past. 

  1. The Biggest Dreamer by Kouji Wada from Digimon Tamers

I have a lot of nostalgia for Digimon Tamers as this is one of my favourite Digimon series out there and it of course has a really amazing opening by the late Kouji Wada who has done most of the songs for the Digimon franchise. The Biggest Dreamer is one of my favourites from his discography. 

  1. Make My Story by Lenny code fiction from My Hero Academia Season 3(Opening 2)

With a lot of amazing openings this show has this was a pretty hard pick for me but I decided to go with this one since I really vibed a lot with this opening from My Hero Academia. The song’s really fun and high energy and it fits for the Provisional License Exam arc. 

  1. B.B by JAM Project from GARO The Animation(GARO: Honoo No Kokuin Opening 2) 

Of course no Anime OP list would be complete without a JAM Project song. This was a pretty hard choice to make since all of their songs are pretty good. But I ended up picking B.B from GARO the Animation which is loosely based on the Tokusatsu show of the same name. The Opening visuals are very artistic and the song itself is really jazzy and hype to listen to. 

  1. We Go by Hiroshi Kitadani from One Piece (Opening 15)

Picking a favourite out of the long list of One Piece opening songs was a bit of a hard job. I ended up picking We Go by Hiroshi Kitadani since the song is ridiculously hype and fun to listen to and definitely fits the start of the second half a lot. 

What are your favourite Anime OP’s? Let us know and feel free to join the Official Rice Discord Server to talk about Anime, Video Games and many more topics! 

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