Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games

These days there are plenty of great women in video games. Some of them have been the stars of some of the greatest video games of all time, such as Tomb Raider, or Horizon: Zero Dawn. But the real question is, which of these women are the hottest? Your opinion may vary, but these are our top picks for the hottest women in video games.


10. Amaterasu (Okami)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Amaterasu Okami


It doesn’t get much hotter than being a wolf incarnation of a sun goddess. She’s so popular that First4Figures even just made a ridiculous life-size bust of her head that’s super expensive and stunningly detailed. While Amaterasu does have the ability of flames and the sun itself, a portion of her powers revolve around light rather than simply fire, which is why she’s not higher on the list.


Still, her connection to the Earth and her ability to use sunlight and the celestial brush to restore the world are forces to be reckoned with. Oh, and she even has astral sun powers that make her basically immortal. Smoking.


9. Manuela Hidalgo (Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Manuela Hildago


Manuela is one of the most uniquely hot women in this list. Her particular hotness derives from a singular strain of the t-Veronica virus, forced upon her to save her life by her criminal father, Javier Hildago. The illness she contracted was tragically the same one that had taken her mother from her at a young age, though, unbeknownst to her, she survived the illness, but was horrifically mutated by the original t-Virus. Her own survival of the t-Veronica process to regenerate her was only possible by continual organ transplants from young girls abducted by her father. Her history is tragic, and covered in blood.


It’s this blood itself that is her power. The t-Veronica virus mutated her blood so that it would ignite on contact with the air, effectively giving her burning blood (like One Piece??). It falls on her to use this power against her father. While it is a pretty cool, hot power — it is a little bit impractical. However, it sure beats becoming horribly mutated in body and mind.


8. Mai Shirunai (Fatal Fury / The King of Fighters)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Mai Shirunai The King of Fighters


Being hot is something ninja seem to be able to do across the board. Hotness might be one of the most basic ninjutsu, but it’s a classic that could be used in a variety of ways. Using her training, Mai has mastered the art of pyrokinesis, and paired it with her Koppo-ken expertise. Because her fire is psychic in nature, she can only control the flames she creates herself. This allows her to imbue her martial arts with hotness, as well as just creating straight-up flames.


Throughout the series, she carries a torch for Andy Bogard. Whether its Andy or anyone else, she has no qualms with using her hotness to strike down those who seek to challenge her.


7. Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Blaze the Cat Sonic the Hedgehog


Blaze the Cat originally debuted in the excellent Sonic Rush on DS, where she was sort of a parallel world version of Sonic himself. She’s made several appearance since, in main games, spin-offs, and even comics and other media. As well as being guardian of the Sol Emeralds (her world’s equivalent to the Chaos Emeralds), she’s also that world’s princess.


She’s had pyrokinesis since birth, but this caused her to be shunned as a child. These powers are linked directly to the Sol Emeralds. It’s her duty to protect them, and her early life led her to believe this was a solemn and solitary duty. While she does end up becoming friends with Sonic and the gang later down the line, some hotness just can’t be handled by other people.


6. Calill (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Calill Fire Emblem


Calill might look like an ordinary mage, but, as of Radiant Dawn, she’s a fully-fledged Fire Sage. That makes her strong against the Laguz Beast Tribes. While she doesn’t have a huge impact on the plot, she does have a lot of bearing in battle with her strong fire spells. She eventually opens a bar, which is always a plus for any potential friend. Though you’d think a super powerful Fire Sage being around so much alcohol would be a bad idea. But perhaps that’s what makes her so special.


5. Torch (Skylanders)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Torch Skylanders


What makes Torch from Skylanders so hot? Could it be her hotheaded fearlessness? Could it be that she grew up in a village protected by dragons, serving as a dragon caretaker? Could it be her trademark Firespout Flamethrower that she uses to burn her foes viciously into naught but seared ash, leaving the crisp scent of cooked meat in her wake? Perhaps it’s all three. She’s so hot she even saved her village from a Snow Dragon attack after it was frozen. Now that’s hot.


4. Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Yukiko Persona 4


Even though Yukiko’s name means “snow child”, nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps this just represents Persona’s themes of coming to terms with the true self within you. Her Persona takes the form of Konohana Sakuya. While this Persona does focus on healing early on, she later learns some of the most powerful fire spells in the game. The Persona itself is based on the daughter of Ouyamatsumi, a mountain god. When accused of infidelity, Konohana was spared by searing flames due to her pure innocence.


This is the power that Yukiko wields, the iciness of her name combining with a hot passion within. The perfect hotness balance, you might say.


3. Din (The Legend of Zelda)

Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games Din The Legend of Zelda


Din is hands down one of the hottest goddesses out there, and definitely the hottest of the three Golden Goddesses who descended to create and shape the Kingdom of Hyrule. She is the Goddess of power, responsible for the Triforce of Power. Her essence, however, is almost always represented by fire. The spell Din’s Fire is one of the hottest out there. She’s often associated with the Goron race, and the hot, brimming heat of creation — such as with Death Mountain and Eldin Volcano. There’s not much hotter out there than the ability to shape worlds.


2. Witch of Izalith (Dark Souls)



When it comes to hotness — pure, unbridled hotness — not much can compete with Dark Souls‘ “Flames of Chaos”. These flames are the essence of all the events of Dark Souls, the single sinful act carried out by the Witch of Izalith to attempt to recreate the First Flame. As a possessor of a Lord Soul, itself created from the First Flame, the Witch’s attempt to use that very soul to effectively give birth to itself once more was an act of sinful arrogance.


maxresdefault (2)


Though, of course, her intent to prolong the Age of Fire wasn’t necessarily a bad one, that didn’t matter. Even though she’s basically the greatest pyromancer ever, she was unable to contain the horrific hotness she unleashed. The Flames of Chaos transformed her into the Bed of Chaos, literally the birthpoint of all demons. It also cursed her entire family. Her forbidden hotness forcibly transformed two of her daughters into half-spiders, one of them blinded; and her son into Ceaseless Discharge, a gigantic lava creature that… well… ceaselessly discharges. Discharges hotness, that is.


At the end of the day the Witch of Izalith was so hot, she had to be killed to literally stop demons being spawned. How do you even top that?


1. Female Magmar (Pokémon)



Magmar may be the middlest form in the “Magmar” chain of evolutions, but it’s the only one that isn’t an abomination. In the original Pokédex, Magmar only had one evolution. Magby and Magmortar are just wrong. Nothing beats the hot elegance of the true, OG Magmar. She packs quite the punch, being a late game fire Pokémon who’s not easy to get hold of. With the Flame Body ability, Magmar will ignite opponents on physical contact.


To top it off, not only can she learn some of the hottest moves out there — Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, etc. — but she can even learn some Poison powers like smog. How is that hot? True flames are noxious. While it is true that the disgusting Magmortar may have a higher special attack stat, the original Magmar will always have the most special attack in my heart.

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