The cutest knitted game characters you’ll ever see.

Videogames and knitting are perhaps not the most obvious of bedfellows. I can count on one finger the amount of people I know who can knit – and that’s my own mother, who is most definitely not a gamer. The only other person I know who does any kind of knitting activity is Kanji from Persona 4, and he’s not even a real person…


However, I have a new found love of all things knitting. Why? Because I found this adorable Drippy crochet plush the other day – which sparked a desire to seek out even more vidoegaming crochet projects. Amazingly, though perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s an awful lot of them. So join me! Join me as I trawl google image search for crochet videogames characters that I will temporarily label ‘my favourites’… until someone shows me another ten that I like more.


Lastly, anyone looking for Sackboy will be sorely disappointed.



Drippy – Ni No Kuni

This effort from Jastra Alethea started it all off – and is the perfect beginning to this exploration of woolen characters. If I HAD to be picky – and I might as well seeing as I’m writing this – It would have been great if she made a ‘Raw’ drippy too. As in – the Drippy before the slaty child-tears brought him to life! TIDY!




Mega Man – Mega Man

There are crazy-levels of Mega Man Crochery (real word?) on the internet. I was genuinely spoiled for choice. This one from Mochillery was my favourite. Wh? Because if you look into his eyes long enough, you can see the sadness it feels from not getting much love from Capcom. No amount on internet petitions are going to put a smile on HIS face…  ;_____;



Mew – Pokemon

Mew’s not my favourite Pokemon. And I’ll tell you why. I queued for hours in Manchester to download him back in 2000 – and after an argument with my mum and my sister (which ended in me giving her a black eye with tube of wrapping paper) we were frogmarched back to the car and driven home. I like this one from Amanda M because it paints Mew in a fragile light – like it would actually ‘Mew’ if I banged it with a hammer.  Oh, and it’s cute too.



Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

There’s something very cool about taking a villain and then knitting him into something a little more adorable. Old Seph here is probably one of gaming’s more iconic villains – and so there are actually quite a few crochet efforts of him – most of them are a bit rubbish. I picked this one because I like his cold dead eyes. Cute, but unsettling.




Prinny – Disgea

I’m totally behind the concept of the Prinny. A vessel into which a human soul of unspeakable wrongness is placed – only to be thrown really hard against something until they explode. Frankly this is infinitely more exciting that actual Penguins, which start of cute and then grow into really rubbish birds. This Prinny is the work of CataCata23.




Metroid – Mindy Y

It takes some skill to turn a terrrifying face-hugging intergalactic parasite into an adorable crochet plush – but that’s exactly what Mindy Y has done here. You could argue that it’s just a ball with a few leggy bits and some round bits stuck on – but doing that would be kinda mean.



NobyNobyboy – Noby Noby Boy

Toshwerks proves that NobyNobyBoy is the perfect subject for a crochet project. After all – he is basically a scarf with a face on – stuffed with… er… stuffing. Not that I’m belittling this beautiful creation or course – I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Actually, I wouldn’t otherwise I would have bought it already, but I do like it. A lot.


Kirby – Misuki Tak

Like Jigglypuff – Kirby has got to be one of the more obvious targets for some kind of knitting homage. There’s ‘Epic Yarn’ of course – and also he’s just a big round ball with a face on – so that helps too. At least Misuki Tak has the decency to go completely nuts and attach a Yoshi to it’s head – thereby winning her a place on this ‘prestigious’ list.



Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

From the suitably named MyBloodyDeadZombie comes this amazing Nemesis effort – complete with scar and horrible gummy mouth. Kudos for taking something utterly horrific and making it out of wool. Possibly not the best thing to make for your kids though – unless you were some kind of freaking sadist.


Amaterasu – Okami

Okay, I think this one is probably my favourite. Courtesy of Deviant artist Kamidake comes this little beauty. It’s the sunny-dog-goddess from the amazing adventure that nobody bought, Okami. What I particularly like about this one is that it sits in the palm of the Artists hand – thereby making it an order of magnitude cuter that anything else!


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