Top 8 Japanese Fetishes

Tired of looking at photos of nurses, maids, robots and those other ‘normal’ fetishes of yours? Do you need something more obscure? Then let me introduce you to the fascinating world of obscure Japanese Photo albums – where some of the most bizarre fetishes come alive!

We’ve picked out some of the weird and wonderful fetishes to come out of Japan – ranging from some fairly well know on ones – to a few we’ve no doubt you’ll be scratching your heads at for a long time to come!

For the Novices:

1.Zettai Ryoiki by Yuki Aoyama


As fans of Japanese culture, I’m sure you have come across the Zettai Ryouiki before. Also known as the “Absolute territory”, Zettai Ryouiki refers to the area of flesh showing between a girls’ skirt and her high knee socks. The rules determining this area are very strict and photographer Yuki Aoyama states that the golden ratio of skirt length: thigh on show: knee sock length is 2.5 : 1 : 4.  For those of you preparing your cosplays, whether you are male or female, please stick to this ratio to achieve maximum attractiveness.


Cover image of Zettai Ryoiki by Yuki Aoyama




2. Yaeba Girl by Yasutaka Maekawa


Yaeba means canine teeth and that’s what this photo album is all about. Its a collection of girls with pointy canine teeth. I’m sure you’ve seen them in anime’s before and to some, the pointy canines x girls combination is very attractive. Why?  I have no idea…


Image of Yaeba Girl cover image by Yasutaka Maekawa.




Slightly more advanced:

3. ?/ by Yuki Aoyama

If I tell you that the ? in the title refers to a woman’s bosoms (taking the “pai” from oppai in Japanese) and the “/” is read slash, would you be able to tell what this photo album is about?  No?


Let me explain.


?/ aims to depict the beauty of how the handle of a carrier bag or guitar (can be anything), slung across the shoulder, “slashes” through the gap between a woman’s bosoms making them look more prominent and visible. As this phenomenon only occurs with clothing on, the photo album is surprisingly clean with no nudity what so ever.


Cover image of Pie Slash by



4. Mosatsu Chocolate by Tommy


Tommy is a genius and understands that reality can be ugly and that imagination is where true perfection can be achieved. Unlike conventional glamour photos Tommy’s photos take people in their normal state. He then tears away one section of their clothes revealing what’s underneath. The viewer is then left to imagine what the rest looks like.


Cover image of Mousatsu Chocolate by Tommy


For the Advanced:


5.Tsuirakubeya by Shiori Kawamoto

Tsuiraku Beya by Kawamoto Shiori


Amongst Japanese otaku culture, entering a girl’s bedroom is a feat in itself. It’s seen as a sign that the girl is comfortable enough with you to share something more private and personal to them.  Their room gives you a glimpse of the life they live and interests that they might not have shared with you otherwise. Shiori Kawamoto knows this and she’s collected photos of the rarest kind. Photos of otaku girls. Being able to see rooms of people who are often too shy to even leave their rooms is nothing but an honour!

Getting excited? No? …doesn’t really work for me either. Next!


6. Bisho Bijyo by Sato Tetsuo


Bisho Bijyo by Sato Tetsuo


Bisho bisho is a phrase used by the Japanese to describe something that is soaking wet. Bijyo means beautiful lady. Combine the two words and you have a play on words that beautifully describes what this album is about. It’s about beautiful wet ladies…but be warned these ladies are much wetter than you would ever expect.


7. Door Knob Shoujyo by Ryuko Azuma and Ai Ehara


Door Knob Shojyo cover image

Replacing one knob for another… these girls like nothing more than liking door-handles. It’s a miracle these girls aren’t running some kind of high fever. Do you know the ratio of men who do, and don’t wash their hands after they’ve been to the bathroom?! Sorry love, but keep that dirty mouth of yours FAR away from me – thank you very much.


For the pros


8. Kaopan Jyoshi Kousei Panty Kamen


Photo album Kaopan


Sorry guys, I’ve tried to understand the appeal of this, but I just can’t see it. Ever since I did an impromptu Spiderman impression in P.E class – with a pair of pants that turned out to not be my own – I’ve had nothing but nightmares since.



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