Tormented Souls walkthrough and FAQ

Tormented Souls! It’s a wonderful throwback to classic PS2-era survival horror games — and as such, if you’re not ready for it, you might find yourself getting a bit stumped here and there. But never fear! We have a Tormented Souls walkthrough to help you out.

To minimise spoilers, we’re going to present this Tormented Souls guide in FAQ form, providing the solutions to the main puzzles of the game rather than explaining absolutely every single little detail. Because I’m sure you can figure out how not to die, right… right?

And note that our Tormented Souls guide will be mostly story spoiler-free so you can discover the narrative for yourself!

All right! Let us begin the Tormented Souls walkthrough!

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I get out of the first room?

Guess you really do need this Tormented Souls walkthrough huh? Read the diary on the counter. Open the left door of the cabinet above the sink. Pick up the pocket watch and press the button on top of it to open it and see that it has stopped at 12:35 — the time mentioned in the diary.

Look at the combination lock on the right door of the cabinet above the sink. Set the combination to 1235. Pick up the combination lock, open the door and pick up the wrench.

Move the cylinder once on the wrench to adjust it. Go to the door and use the wrench on the broken handle. Done!

It’s dark!

That’s not a question.

It’s dark, what do I do?

Turn right after leaving the starting room and proceed down the corridor. Just ahead of the broken floorboards, you’ll see a creepy doll holding a lighter. Pick it up and immediately equip it from the inventory.

If you’re in an area that is too dark at any time, the screen will fill with noise and Caroline will refuse to do anything because of “the shadows”. Spend too long in the dark and you’ll die. So equip the lighter any time you’re not in combat to prevent this. The Rice Digital Tormented Souls walkthrough: keeping you alive since 2021.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

What do I do first?

Proceed in the other direction down the hallway. You’ll find most of the doors are locked, so head downstairs to the basement. Make sure to grab the hex socket from the closet under the stairs, then head into the Radiology corridor.

There’s a horrible thing chasing me! What do I do?

Run away! That’s the sort of advice you came to this Tormented Souls guide for, huh?

No, but seriously, run. When you reach the end of the corridor, go through the door into the X-Ray room and meet the Father. He’ll give you the Nailer, which you can use to fight off enemies. Watch your ammo in the early stages of the game; note that for most of our Tormented Souls walkthrough, we won’t be talking about specific enemy placements, so deal with them as you see fit.

How do I restore the power?

Grab the crowbar from the X-Ray room, then proceed down the corridor in that room that is lined with radiation suits. As we noted earlier in the Tormented Souls guide, you’ll want to make sure you have your lighter equipped down here, as it’s very dark.

Use the crowbar on the planks that are blocking the door. Note that you’ll keep the crowbar as a melee weapon afterwards, so you can use this if you run out of ammo.

Go into the Generator Room. Climb the stairs to the ignition system and pick up the valve handle. Climb back down, open the cabinet and put the valve handle on the pipe that is missing one. Close the three bottom valves and the bottom one of the valves on the right; the pressure gauge should show 11kg/cm. Go back to the ignition system and push the Start button.

This will turn the lights on and open the electronic locks.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I get the T-shaped handle?

There are two plastic heart pieces: one in the Examination Room (which is off the Waiting Room, also a save point) and one in the Maternity Room, which is now unlocked. Combine them together to make a plastic heart.

Pull the flickering light on the wall of the Maternity Room to open a trapdoor and climb down into the Little Room. Light the candles either side of the mirror and step through into the Corrupted world. Climb back up into the Corrupted Maternity Room, and use the plastic heart on the doll. Climb back down into the Little Room, step back through the mirror and climb back up.

Go to the body on the table, turn on the small switch then pull the big lever. Now pick up the handle.

How do I get into the Main Hall?

Combine the T-shaped handle and the hex socket, then use them on the appropriate mechanism next to the gate in the Waiting Room. This is where the demo ended, but if you’ve been following our Tormented Souls walkthrough up until now you’ll probably have noticed there are a few differences from the demo!

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I deal with the wall monsters?

Batter them with your crowbar. They can’t hurt you if you don’t get close enough, and there’s no point wasting precious ammo on them.

How do I fight things in the dark?

You don’t — at least not until later. If there’s a wall monster blocking your path and it’s dark (and as such you can’t fight them), this is a sign you need to come back later. Do not try and force your way through — it won’t work!

How do I get into the Library?

Get the iron fist from the Chapel, which is just off the Main Hall on the ground floor. Follow the maps to find the Sewing Room and collect the stethoscope. Return to the Main Hall and use the stethoscope on the statue. Listen to the rhythm of the heartbeat and memorise it.

Follow the map to the library door, then use the iron fist knocker on the door. Tap out the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I get through Reception?

Talk to the Father in the Dining Room. He’ll give you a screw (shush, this is a respectable Tormented Souls guide). Go to Reception, open the electrical panel, make sure the switch is off and insert the screw to use as a makeshift fuse, then turn the switch on.

How do I get into the Operating Room corridor?

Take the elevator down to the first floor. Exit the elevator and quickly push the cart so that it blocks the elevator doors. Run back to Reception, turn off the switch and collect the screw. Then return to the elevator and take it back up to the second floor. Open the electrical panel near the door to the Operating Room corridor, make sure the switch is off, insert the screw and turn the switch on as before.

Where’s the Shotgun?

You have to make it yourself. But don’t worry, your friendly neighbourhood Tormented Souls walkthrough will show you how. There are two parts; one is in the Service Area (go through the Chapel) near a trapdoor that is tied shut, and the other is in the Observation Room near the Operating Room. Combine them together to make the Shotgun.

What do I do in the Operating Room?

Go to the Observation Room and note what you see through the window. Go back to the Operating Room and turn off the lights with the switch on the wall — make sure you have your lighter equipped. Now walk around the stretcher counterclockwise three times to wake up the monster. Use your new Shotgun on him to take him down and you’ll get the scalpel.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

What do I do with the scalpel?

Remember the tied-up trapdoor near where you found one of the Shotgun pieces? Head back there and use the scalpel to get rid of those pesky ropes and access the Boiler Room — and from there, the western basement. In the Boiler Room, make sure you pick up the strange part with all the shapes on it. We’ll be needing this a lot later, so keep following our Tormented Souls guide to find out for what!

How do I get through the electrified water?

Run all the way back to the Generator Room and turn the power off. Then you can safely go through the water. Pull the switch on the other side of it to turn off the power that was causing the problem. After this, you can safely turn the generator back on and this pool won’t be a problem.

What do I do in the Morgue?

First up, unlock the hatch that leads to the Meeting Room, it’s a useful shortcut. Secondly, proceed to the back of the room until you find a cabinet with bloodstains underneath it. Pull it aside to reveal a secret passageway to the Experiment Room.

What do I do in the Experiment Room?

Look at the skeleton figure. Press the buttons in the order Head, Stomach, Hand, Throat, Heart, Throat until the door opens. You may only need to press one button; when compiling the Tormented Souls walkthrough I only had to press one, but your mileage may vary!

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I open the cell?

In the unlocked cell, there’s a VHS tape marked “Experiment Room”. Go to the Meeting Room, insert the tape into the projector and press the Play button. If you don’t have it already, go to the Warehouse and collect the acid. (To get to the Warehouse, go through the Chapel and the Kitchen.)

Examine the projection of the Experiment Room on the screen. Go to the skeleton figure and read the plaque. Press the buttons in the order Head, Stomach, Hand, Throat, Heart, Throat until the door opens. Enter the prison and use the acid on the lock.

The cell didn’t open, what now?

Go back to the camera in the Experiment Room and use it. Then climb down the hatch in the Meeting Room back into the Morgue and return to the Experiment Room. Go into the prison to discover the cell is now open. Grab the diary and the key — combine the key part you found in the Boiler Room with the key to make it complete. There are several doors you need to open with this, so let’s take them in turn. You don’t have to follow them in the order presented here in our Tormented Souls walkthrough, but you’ll need to open them all eventually anyway.

How do I open the Pharmacy door?

The clue is what the images in the metal plates “live in”. Aliens live in the stars, pharaohs live in pyramids and bees live in honeycombs. So the combination, from top to bottom, is Star, Triangle, Hexagon. Examine the key and set the dials to this combination, then use the key on the lock to open it. Inside, be sure to grab the battery.

How do I open the Archive door?

This is the “triple key” lock in the Chapel. The clue here is “what would fit in the gap?” The answer is Square, Triangle, Star. As before, examine the key to set the combination, then use it in the lock.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I open the cash register?

Read the notice on the wall in the Archive, and read the file near the cash register. The clue is “how many lines converge at the point?” The answer is 0414. Collect the coin and the morphine from the cash register.

What do I do with the coin?

Use it on the vending machine in the Chapel. Press the buttons that highlight in the order they highlight — you’ll need to do this five times in total. Your reward? A blood bag. Tasty and refreshing!

How do I open the Rest Room door?

The clue here is “what would these pieces look like if they were put back together?” The answer is Square, Hexagon, Pentagon. Get the Chapel VHS tape from in here.

How do I open the Intensive Care Corridor?

The clue here is that all the numbers are sideways, and the one at the bottom is an “infinity”, not an “8”. That means you need a five-pointed shape (Pentagon), a 3-pointed shape (Triangle) and an infinite-pointed shape (Circle). Yes, circles have an infinite number of points. The Rice Digital Tormented Souls walkthrough: teaching you maths without you realising it since 2021.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I help the Father?

Enter the bathroom next to the room he’s in. Light the candles by the mirror and step through into the Corrupted world. Go to Room 2D in the Intensive Care Corridor and cut the rope on the guillotine to retrieve the scroll. Pull the handle on the scroll to open and read it.

Go to the bathroom between Room 2D and 2C and collect the hammer. Go into Room 2C and collect the mannequin arm from the chest, taking care to avoid the enemy — it’s too dark to fight them. Leave via the door you didn’t enter by and open the gate in the corridor — this is a shortcut that allows you to bypass the enemy.

Rush back to the mirror and return to the normal world. Go to Room 2D and examine the lectern. Set the combination to the monkey covering their eyes, the monkey covering their ears, the monkey covering their mouth, gap, the monkey with no head. Then hit the judge’s block in the gap with the hammer and retrieve the stapler.

Go back to the Corrupted world and into Corrupted Room 2B. Use the mannequin arm on the mannequin, then examine the stapler and adjust its knob to increase its power. Then use the stapler on the arm joint to fix it in place. Return to the normal world and talk to the priest; he’ll give you the torch. Hurrah! No more lighter. Now you can fight in the dark, because you don’t need to hold the torch in your hand.

How do I get the Electric Lance?

Go back into the Corrupted world and pass through the gate you opened. Deal with the wall enemy and go into the Corrupted Room 2A. Open the gate in there and return to the normal world. Now you can grab the Electric Lance.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I get into the Office?

You need to go via the Bedroom, but the door is locked via diskette. To get the diskette, you’ll need to return to the Service Area on the ground floor, pass by a wall enemy you were previously unable to defeat and proceed to the Laundry. While you’re here, turn off the washing machine, attempt to open the door, open the detergent drawer and then walk away. Collect the mould and fill it with the blood from the blood bag, then proceed onwards to the Shower Room, where you’ll find the diskette.

Go to the Warehouse through the Chapel and the Kitchen, and use the computer. Examine the disk and flip it around to look at the back. Flip the write-protect tab to the “unlocked” position and slide the metal tab to the side to see a clue. Use this clue to determine the password: the letters of name number 3 plus the letters of name number 6, minus the letters from name number 9.

Insert the disk into the computer’s floppy drive and type the password, which is “MARTHA”. Remember to retrieve the disk by pressing the eject button. Now you can open the Bedroom with the floppy disk. Retrieve the vinyl record from the Bedroom.

How do I kill the big gross fat thing in the Penthouse?

You can’t; the most you can do is stun it for a moment and run away, but it’s not worth wasting your ammo. From this point on, this thing will randomly show up and chase you around. If you hear scary music when you enter a room, leave and re-enter until you hear the normal backing soundtrack — or just take your chances if you know where you’re going! The rest of our Tormented Souls walkthrough won’t mention this again as it occurs at random — but now you know how to handle it!

What do I do in the Office?

Not a lot at the minute — be sure to put the vinyl record on the phonograph and play it (if you don’t know how to use a record player, just tinker with the various bits until it works), and retrieve the can of WE40. The picture sitting on a chair gives you a clue as to where to use this, but if you can’t remember where that was, just keep following our Tormented Souls guide.

We’ll be back to the Office shortly.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

What do I do with this blood-filled mould?

Go to the Meeting Room and insert the Chapel VHS tape into the projector. Step through the projection into the chapel and proceed to the Kitchen. Put the bloody mould in the freezer and go back to the camera. Now return to the Kitchen and retrieve the now-frozen Blood Medallion.

What do I do with this battery?

Go through the Chapel VHS tape again, this time to the Closet that is down the little flight of stairs. Hook up the battery to the charger, then return to the camera. Go back to the Closet and retrieve the now-charged battery.

Go to the Library and use the battery with the lift. Push the “up” button to reach the top level and retrieve a strange metal disc.

How do I get the missing eye for the statue in the Office?

Return to the Corrupted Maternity Room. Examine the large metal door. Use the WE40 on the gears at the top and bottom of the door, then hit the handle with the hammer. Proceed through until you reach a mirror to return to the normal world.

In the East Wing Hall, examine the paintings and take note of the positions their weapons are pointing. Also note the image of Jesus’ birth. Examine the clock and set the time and date to correspond with the paintings — the answer is 8:15 and 25 seconds, and the date is December 25.

Grab the Jade Eye from the hand that pops out of the clock — make sure you time it right!

Tormented Souls walkthrough

Now what do I do in the Office?

Put the Jade Eye in the statue. This will open a box with buttons. You now need to play the same tune that is on the record. The answer is the top button, the top right button, the leftmost button, the leftmost button again, the top button, the top right button. Follow the passage that opens and retrieve the ID card.

How do I open the door in the basement of the Main Hall?

Put the ID card in the slot. Put the blood medallion in the middle slot. Examine the strange metal disc and flip it over to manipulate the dials so that they are the horizontal mirror image of the indentations on the sockets. Then insert the disc into the socket.

Which way should I go at the bottom of the stairs?

Save your game in the bathroom on the way down, then go through the door with all the warning signs. Don’t worry, the Tormented Souls walkthrough is here to take you by the hand and guide you.

This room keeps looping, what do I do?

Read the plaque in the corner of the room and it’ll give you a clue that corresponds to one of the doors, one of the compass directions or one of the bowls in front of the doors.

Go through the golden door (“riches”), then the door with the empty bowl (“air”), then the door to the north (“Ursa Minor”), then the wooden door (“floating”), then the door with the bowl of earth (“land”), then the door with the embers (“campfire”), then the door on the west (“sunset”). Follow through to the next rooms and make sure you collect the antidote if you want the good ending. Return the way you came and you’ll skip the looping room on the way back.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

What do I do in the Mausoleum?

Examine the plaque on the tomb, then examine the large angel statue. Pull the statue’s ring finger (pffrrrrrrt) to open the tomb and climb down the ladder that is revealed.

What do I do in the sewers?

The sewers are a bit of a maze, so take the time to get your bearings. Near the large cross on the wall on the left side of the sewer pathways, you’ll find a crank that will drain the water. Do so, then climb down the stairs on the opposite side and retrieve the knob. Explore until you find the door to the “bedroom” in the sewers. Light the candles either side of the mirror and pass through.

What do I do in Caroline’s room?

Examine the television and attach the knob. We now have possibly the most obscure puzzle in the game, but thankfully you have a Tormented Souls guide to help you out in such situations!

Note: this puzzle was changed in a post-launch patch, so there are two possible solutions depending on which version of the game you’re running.

Original solution: You’re looking to create a sort of “narrative progression” between the images. Turn the dial left until you see a pair of hearts, then right until you see a pair of rings, then left until you see a broken heart, then right until you see a noose, then left until you see a grave. Collect the sun medallion. Return to the sewer and retrieve the moon medallion from the now-open safe. Combine the two together in your inventory.

New solution: You’re looking to make the combination 28436. Turn the dial right until you see a yin-yang (2 halves), then left to see a spider (8 legs), right to see a four-leaf clover (4 leaves), left to see a tricycle (3 wheels), then finally right to see a dice (6 sides). Collect the sun medallion. Return to the sewer and retrieve the moon medallion from the now-open safe. Combine the two together in your inventory.

What do I do with the medallion?

Go to the Children’s Room (it’s a partially hidden door in the Penthouse). Use the medallion on the wall plate and go through the open wall to retrieve the hook.

Tormented Souls walkthrough
I understood that reference

Now what?

Go back to the Office and you’ll find a button that wasn’t there before. Press it and retrieve the Dentist Room VHS tape. Take it to the Meeting Room, play it and pass through the screen as before. Proceed to the Public Bathroom where the game began. Examine the figure in the bathtub and use the scalpel on her.

Do I really have to do that?

Yes. Then you have to use the hook on the resulting item, too! Delicious.

How do I open the vault door?

Go back to the big door in the sewers with the cross above it. Use the hook and eye on one of the retinal scanners, then move Caroline to the other and press the button on it.

How do I get into the Bunker?

Examine the engine. Press the red button to stop it when the rings are aligned; press the green button to start it up again if you miss. When they’re aligned, use the padlock on the rings to hook them together, then press the green button to start the engine up again. This will open the Bunker door.

Tormented Souls walkthrough

What do I do in the Bunker?

Your main goal here is to get a canister of gasoline and fill it up. In order to do that, you’ll need three pipe caps and the canister. There’s one pipe cap in Bunker 1A, one in the Bunker 1-2B stairway and one in Bunker 2A.

Where is Bunker 2A?

It’s past the scary radiation dude with the glowy eyes in Bunker 2B.

How do I get past the scary radiation dude with the glowy eyes?

Shoot him! He takes a bit of a beating but he will go down eventually. Alternatively, you can either stun him and try to slip by, or attempt to dodge past while he’s swinging his hammer.

Where’s the gas canister?

Go down to Bunker 3C and through the door into the Prison. Kill or avoid the scary radiation dude and enter the last cell on the left; you’ll find a hole in the wall. Pass through and follow the passageway and you’ll find the canister up some stairs at the end.

How do I fill the canister?

Go back to Bunker 1-2B and examine the pipes. You need to create a single unbroken path from the drum of gas on the right to the output pipe on the left. Remember that valves pointing in the same direction as the pipes are “open”, and valves going “across” the pipes are “closed”. This means valves on pipes going horizontally will be oriented differently to pipes going vertically!

Make sure you plug any “holes” in the pipe network with the three pipe caps you found.

If you really can’t work out this puzzle, here’s the solution:

Tormented Souls walkthrough

Examine the canister in your inventory and open the cap. Examine the pump, put the canister under it and turn the handle.

What’s the gas for?

Proceed through Bunker 3C and take the other exit that isn’t the Prison. You’ll eventually find your way down to the fourth basement level, which is flooded. Examine the pump, open the cap and pour the gas in. Then pull the handle on the pump three times to start the engine and drain the water.

How do I beat the army of scary radiation dudes?

Shoot them! Do we need to tell you everything? I suppose this is a Tormented Souls walkthrough, after all. This time, you do actually need to kill them all, so use the Shotgun or Electric Lance for an easier time — you can even take several of them out at once if you arrange them carefully and time a Shotgun blast well. Make sure you save a bit of ammo if you can, though. Collect the key when they’re all dead, and use it in the wall that is blocking the stairway.

What do I do with the big gross fat thing on the cross?

Either get revenge on it by using the scalpel on its throat (this will get you the Normal ending) or inject the antidote and collect the chain cutters (these will help you get the Good ending).

Tormented Souls walkthrough

How do I beat the final boss?

Run around and collect all the items first — you’ll need them. Pay attention to the boss’ attack patterns; it doesn’t do much other than spit red goo at you, but familiarise yourself with the animation cue that comes immediately before and dodge aside to avoid taking damage.

Position yourself somewhere that Caroline doesn’t automatically lock on to the tentacles and shoot the boss’ main body a few times — six Nailer shots or one Shotgun blast is enough. You’ll get a brief cutscene showing the tentacles wrapped around the consoles in the area opening. Go find one — there are three — and attack it until it releases the console.

Examine the console and press the button to make the bolt go through the holes in the wheels, one at a time. If you mistime it, you’ll have to shoot the boss and the tentacle again, and if you mess up too many times, you’ll die. So don’t mess up! You’ll probably find you need to hit the button slightly later than you think, but there’s a small margin for error.

Repeat the process two more times for the other consoles to defeat the boss.

I beat the boss. How do I finish the game?

If you just want the normal ending, return to the Main Hall and use the cross-shaped key on the front door.

If you want the good ending (I hope you injected the antidote!) then go to the Meeting Room and put the Experiment Room VHS tape in the projector. Pass through the screen and go to the cell. Use the chain cutters on the bolt and talk to the prisoner. Then use the cross-shaped key on the front door.

You win! And we hope our Tormented Souls walkthrough helped you do so!

Tormented Souls is available from August 27, 2021 on Steam and PlayStation 5. PS4 and Switch versions are coming later this year, with Xbox One and Xbox Series somethingorother following afterwards.

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