Touhou 14 Launches in the West Exclusively on Playism

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the news that Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character was coming to the west when we first wrote about it. You might even say people thought it was touhou-tally radical. I sure did. Which is why it’s pretty cool that it’s out May 7th (today?!) for the fair price of $14.99.


But wait, no! Close that Steam application (or just minimize it — that’s fine too). That’s not where it’s available. Touhou 14 is launching exclusively on Playism, a DRM free platform that specializes in indie/doujin games. They’re close to our heart in that respect.




As a bonus, Playism has also launched the Touhou platformer Takkoman today too (for $9.99).




So go ahead and do check them out! There are some great little gaming nuggets available there!


Unless… Touhou is too hard for you…? 🙁

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