Touhou: Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity out in February

Remember when ZUN announced that fan Touhou titles were coming to PlayStation 4 way back in September last year, well it’s finally time for some new details for Touhou: Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity.




This title is heavily inspired by the Ys series. It features amazing visuals, fast paced hack and slash gameplay and an excellent sound track by Aizawa (Hachimitsu-Lemon).


If all this sounds familiar, it is because this is actually by the same team behind Touhou Youyou Kengeki Musou and despite having likely the best visuals for a Touhou title to date, they vastly improved it this time around. The game will be running 1080p 60fps on the PlayStation 4.



Touhou: Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity will be out for PlayStation 4, on February 10 2016 for 2,500 Yen.


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