Touhou Making its way to PS4

You heard it right folks, Touhou is getting making first console debut. All the games that are coming out are going to be fan titles instead of official entries in the series. Still this is a huge step forward and one that may bring the series to a much larger audience.




In the promotional video three games were shown off:

不思議の幻想郷3  ~ Mystery Gensokyo 3, the third instalment of a rougelike series by AQUA STYLE.
東方蒼神縁起 ~ The Genius of Sappheiros, an old-school turn based RPG, made by Strawberry Bose.
東方スカイア祭 ~ Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri, a 3D team fighter, where you and your ally fight in the air to take down two other enemies.



Too bad there is almost zero percent chance of these games making it to the west, since ZUN himself turned down multiple western publishing companies.

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