Touhou Double Focus Coming to Vita Next Week

It took quite a while but Touhou is making its way to the Vita starting with Touhou Double Focus -Aya and Momiji’s Bullet Coverage Travelogue-. This will be a platformer hack and slash in the same vein like the old Castlevania games.



The game was originally released for PC in 2014 at Comiket 87. However the Vita version will have additional features such as voice acting for both Aya and Momiji, more save slots and better controls. As the name suggests you play as both Aya Shameimaru and Momiji Inubashiri as they make their way back to Gensokyo, escaping from a demon book they were sucked into.



Aquastyle, mainly known for their Touhou rougelike games, is bringing Double Focus: Aya and Momiji’s Bullet Coverage Travelogue to the Vita. The game was scheduled for December, but was delayed to January 28. The game will cost 2,778 Yen digitally or 6,400 Yen for the limited edition physical version available only in doujin shops around Japan.


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