Touhou Super Smash Battles is going to be a thing

You like Touhou right? And you like definitely like Smash Bros because you voted it Game of the Year in our recent 2014 awards poll. So how would you like Touhou Super Smash Battles – a Smash Bros game with characters from the Touhou universe? Of course you would, because lets face it, those shooters are just to damn hard.


Unless you’re a six-thumbed cyborg from the planet HARDCORE, of course. Not that six thumbs would in any way benefit you in playing a bullet hell shooter. Actually, thinking about it – it would be pretty prohibitive and ungainly. But then you ARE from the planet hardcore, so I guess you’d still win at life anyway – so it’s all good.




Aaaanyway – Touhou and Smash. There’s an Indiegogo campaign for it going on right now (Thanks Paul Kaufman) which is only asking for $10, 000. In seven days it’s reached a rather nice $16, 000, which basically means it’s going to happen, unless all of devs From Soy Sauce get killed in some kind of horrific accident.




You can hear what they have to say about this project right here, because I cut and pasted it from their campaign page.


The members of From Soy Sauce have been competitive smash bros players since 2005 and avid fans of Touhou since 2007. Ever since we played Super Smash Bros Melee back at it’s release we have always wanted to make and balance our very own Smasher. Additionally we have always wanted to make our very own Touhou derivative work since 2010. The nature of the Touhou fandom has always been very attuned to “Touhou-fying” other games into it (example: Super Marisa Land, Touhouvania, Nitroid, Tacoman, Megamari). After the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl, we expected it would only be a matter of time before someone Touhoufied Smash Bros, but that never happened. Six years later we decided to take initiative and make it happen as it would be a nice way to accomplish two of our long time dreams in one epic run!


If you’re interested, and why WOULDN’T you be – head to the campaign page here and give those three lovely men some of your hard earned cash!


Here’s the Touhou Super Smash Battles trailer!


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