Touken Ranbu getting a surprise English release in February

DMM Games and Nitroplus‘ browser-based character collector Touken Ranbu Online will be launching in English via Johren on February 23.

It’s not often you see any game make its way to the West 6 years after its initial release, let alone a browser-based title, but here we are.

Touken Ranbu revolves around Touken Danshi, famous swords that now take the form of male warriors. You control a Saniwa, who leads these anthropomorphised swords into battle against those that are trying to alter history.

A somewhat odd premise, though considering that there are already multiple games about ship girls (including the DMM published Kantai Collection) it’s not completely out of place.

Pre-registration for Touken Ranbu has already started on the official website, with all players who register gaining a bunch of materials for free. More info on the English version is also planned to be shared via the game’s social media accounts ahead of launch.

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