Toukiden Kiwami Additions – Characters, Mitami, Weapons

We loved Toukiden: Age of Demons when it came out on Vita over here a while back, so naturally we’re really excited for Toukiden Kiwami, an enhanced update. It’ll even bring the game to true next-gen PS4 for the first time. But besides that what other Toukiden Kiwami additions are there compared to Age of Demons? You don’t need to wait until March 27th to find out, as Koei Tecmo has released some new information!


But first some tasty new screenshots from the glorious PS4 version showing off some of the game’s new weapons:


New Weapon - Rifle Toukiden Kiwami Additions


New Weapon - Naginata Toukiden Kiwami Additions


New Weapon - Club Toukiden Kiwami Additions



New Characters trailer:


New Mitama and Battle Styles trailer:


New Weapons trailer:


How’s that for teasers? We can’t wait to get hands on with the game as we will soon at a preview event. You’ll be the first to know about how great it’s shaping up!



If you’re a fan of Toukiden’s developer, Omega Force, then you might also like Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, which is now available to pre-order from us here.



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