Toukiden: Kiwami hits PS4 and Vita this March

Koei Tecmo has announced that Toukiden: Kiwami, the expansive monster-slaying title, will make its way to PS4 and Vita in Europe on 27th March.


Available in both physical and digital formats, Kawami will include the original store found in Vita-exclusive The Age of Demons, as well as an equally large, brand new story that takes place three months afterward The Age of Demons. Of course, you can expect new weapons, Oni, Mitama, Slayers and moves to use in battle.


The AI has been reworked to better help you in battle, but you can also choose to team up with three friends (or strangers) to fight the Oni online together – with over twice as many Oni as there was in the original, you may find yourself needing the help. The original Oni have been slightly tweaked too with more powerful moves in their arsenal.



You can carry over your data from The Age of Demons to Kiwami, but as someone who bought it on sale and has hardly played it, all I can think of is that there’s now no point; I enjoyed what I did play and look forward to playing it on PS4. Free memory space up for grabs on my Vita though, right?


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