Trailer for iOS and Android title Final Fantasy Agito

Lets be honest… Smartphone gaming is huge but if your a hardcore gamer like me then you cannot help but want more from the games, that little bit extra from the story, the deeper gameplay mechanics and richer, sharper visuals. Well I think Final Fantasy Agito might just scratch that itch!!



I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for the right RPG to hit my smartphone and I think Final Fantasy Agito might be just that!! Earlier this week Famitsu revealed Final Fantasy Agito. A New Final Fantasy title for iOS and Android devices.



Final Fantasy Agito will be a free-to-play title where you can purchase premium items with cash. You can customise your character and it will follow in the same style as other freemium titles where your Action Power will recover over time and is used by accepting missions. Apparently the choices you make throughout the game will affect the gameplay and by accepting missions from specific groups will mean you will become friendlier with them.



The story progresses in chapters and once finished it will repeat, allowing you to play through different story routes via changing your choices from the previous play through. The game is set to be quite long with reports that each chapter could last up to two weeks and features solo and team-play areas.


The game features a job system, each job has its own abilities and the game will also feature asynchronous play for the team-play elements of the game. The money comes only with Action Power recovery, ability lotteries and to continue from a failed mission. If all of this didn’t get you excited for the game then I present to you the trailer…





Final Fantasy Agito is set for release this winter for Android and iOS devices.

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