Trails into Reverie, Crossbell games, Nayuta leaked via Epic Games Store

NIS America‘s upcoming Falcom-related announcements have already been leaked, thanks to the Epic Games Store. This includes the expected localisation of Hajimari no Kiseki — titled Trails into Reverie — but the leak also reveals that the Crossbell duology and Nayuta no Kiseki will be coming to the west as well.

Of the four titles, only Trails from Zero has a 2022 release date, with the rest arriving during 2023. Of course, these release windows might only apply to the PC versions, though that information wont be available until the official announcements tomorrow.

Trails into Reverie

While news of all three titles coming west is huge already, Nayuta no Kiseki being brought over is an even bigger surprise. It’s not connected to the mainline series (with the English name of The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails making that even clearer) so it seemed like the game might end up being skipped.

While it’s a shame that Trails into Reverie wont be available for a few years (assuming the 2023 release date applies to the PS4 version too), this does mean that there’ll finally be no awkward gap in the series for English fans. Of course, both Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure already have competent fan translations, but official releases are more than welcome.

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