Trillion: God of Destruction headed West in 2016

Trillion: God of Destruction will be coming to Europe and North America on Vita next year, as announced by Idea Factory earlier today.
As the name indicates, there’s a God of Destruction called Trillion who, surprise surprise, has a trillion HP! As Zeabolos the Great Overlord, it’s up to you and six other Overlords to train together and forge strong bonds in the hopes that you can stop Trillion from consuming the Underworld. Being an SRPG ith an intricate relationship system and plenty of replay value in the form of over ten different endings and stats that carry over with each new game, there’s plenty of reason to be excited.

Releasing next Spring exclusively on Vita, Trillion: God of Destruction will hopefully be a fantastic game to spend the season with. I tend to enjoy Idea Factory games and adore their art style, so I’m hoping for good things!

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