THE TRUTH: Leaked Nintendo NX Trailer Reveals New Controller?

Hello Rice Digital readers. Last week I made a mistake. We received a rumour that there had been a leaked trailer for the Nintendo NX showcasing its new controller. These rumours were wrong.



Without properly checking, as I should have and as is my duty to all of you, the Rice Subscribers, I posted up the video and reported on the story. It has since come to light that the video is not actually of a leaked Nintendo NX trailer, as I was led to believe at the time, but actually the opening of Sam & Cat, Nickelodeon’s shortlived spin-off sequel to iCarly cancelled after one season starring Jenna McCurdy and Ariana Grande.


I will never make such a stupid mistake again. I have betrayed the trust of the Rice Digital subscribers – I have betrayed YOUR trust – and I pledge to never do it again. We’re only where we are now because of your support, and I shouldn’t treat that hastily.


Of course, at the time I reported on the story I was not aware that the video was actually of the opening to the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat. I genuinely believed that this was a breaking news story, and as is the nature of the news cycle, I saw it as my responsibility to spread the news.


THE TRUTH: Leaked Nintendo NX Trailer Reveals New Controller? 1


What I did not consider was my responsibility to you, the Rice Digital subscribers. I should have made absolutely sure that the video was legitimate. This will not happen again. I pledge to continue to work hard to deliver all of you the best gaming news an opinions, but I also pledge to always check that they are not actually clips from Nickoleon shows aimed at the older teen demographic, be it iCarly, Sam & Cat, or even Victorious.


I hope you can find it in you to forgive me.





THE TRUTH: Leaked Nintendo NX Trailer Reveals New Controller? 2
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