Tsukihime remake releasing Summer 2021 in Japan

Type-Moon has brought some good news to end the year. Initially announced 12(!) years ago, the remake of Tsukihime is finally going to be released next year.

Now titled Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, it’ll be available on the PS4 and Switch during Summer 2021. With no PC release planned, it’s likely that many of the remake’s routes will stick closer to the all ages version of the original — though additional content and scenario changes are planned for this release either way.

The game’s new opening movie was revealed alongside its Japanese release date. As with most modern Type-Moon projects, it was created by animation studio Ufotable.

While this is something worth celebrating, it’s worth mentioning that the chances of this being localised in English aren’t particularly high. Despite the popularity of Type-Moon’s releases, the only ones that have made their way to the West have ended up being spin-off games like Fate/Extra and Grand Order.

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