Our Two Bedroom Story Is Coming To Switch In May

Our Two Bedroom Story is an otome visual novel from Voltage that’s making its way onto Nintendo Switch on May 7! There’s no direct news on a European version but it’s a safe bet that it’ll find it’s way on to our shores too, as there will be a US version on release. The game is currently available on iOS and Android.


The visual novel revolves around the main character moving into a home owned by your future stepfather. Things get complicated though when it turns out your co-worker already lives there, and sparks start to fly.


Watch the Our Two Bedroom Story trailer:



The official description from Voltage reads:


You work for a publishing house and decide to start living on your own. But a coworker’s in your new home?! “This is my house… but you could live with me.” When your new roommate hands you the key, your secret life together begins…


Our Two Bedroom Story will be available on May 7 for $24.99 on the eShop, there’s no plans for a physical release at this time. You can play it via iOS and Android now if you can’t wait!



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